WWE Stomping Grounds Shows Summerslam Season Is Starting Cold

WWE Stomping Grounds Shows Summerslam Season Is Starting Cold. Ricochet winning the US title served as the only standout moment of the night.

stomping grounds

Wikipedia documents the night this way:

In the main event, Seth Rollins defeat Baron Corbin to retain the Universal Championship with Lacey Evans as the special guest referee. Other prominent matches saw Kofi Kingston defeated Dolph Ziggler by escaping the cage to retain the WWE Championship in a steel cage matchRicochet defeated Samoa Joe to win the WWE United States Championship, and Roman Reigns defeated Drew McIntyre.

WWE Stomping Grounds exposes the lack of star power WWE is working with. The talent suffers from a severe lack of character development and storytelling. KOP breaks it all down.

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Stomping Grounds? More Like Soft-Shoeing into SummerSlam Season

WWE Stomping Grounds is this Sunday. KOP explains how WWE is soft-shoeing into SummerSlam season. WWE is going down a hole of hollow and uncreative content.

WWE Stomping Grounds

KOP looks at the lay of WWE Creative. He offers a fresh perspective on what this feels like to long-time wrestling fans. Corporate influence is very destructive in any creative process. WWE has lost control of the creative edge that brought them success.

Former WWE creative writer Matt McCarthy recently gave his take on the We Watch Wrestling podcast and said:

“Vince is the one who wants them to say it verbatim. It’s not the writers, the writers aren’t the problem.

If there’s a situation where we can collaborate, I think that that works. If there’s something that talent wants to convey or get across then that’s perfect. It works better if everybody understands and I don’t think everybody understands, and this is from somebody who was there. It’s like I was talking about before you don’t know where Vince’s head is going to be on any given day.”

“Should there be no writers? There’s too much to do for there not to be writers. You can’t think of them in terms of like, ‘Oh, they’re writers. They write.’ It’s like, ‘No, they also produce the segments.’

Put it this way: the amount of people that come and go in the creative team, part of it is, some people get fired, a lot of people quit because you get a lot of TV writers who come to that job and more times than not they all say the same thing, they go, ‘Oh, this is not a writing job.’ Because it’s not.

You’re not writing scripts, you’re not figuring out storylines, you’re not coming up over-arcing things, you’re wearing a lot of different hats and the most difficult hat to wear is being that liaison between Vince and the talent.”

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While WWE Wallows in Weak Feuds. KOP has a Legendary Solution

While WWE Wallows in Weak Feuds, KOP has a Legendary Solution. A solution to lift the company out of the ratings gutter. It’s pretty simple too!
McMahon Family

KOP was on Twitter. He read a Forbes article by Blake Oestricher and he responded with this:

I wouldn’t have a problem with Shane if he was more of a manager to build McIntyre or Elias. I’ve been saying some of the legends should come back as managers and carry the talent that cannot cut good promos. #WWE #RAW #SDLive #WWESSD #StompingGrounds.

As for the McMahon family. Vince should be made to look “out of touch” with the company direction. Hunter is the face and stuck in a
McMahon family triangle. Stephanie is left in a gray area torn between supporting her husband and her dad.

Make the scripted promos a focus. Superstars learn about last minute changes. They get last-minute scripts in their hands. Or they’re being forced to read lines that will light the fuse for some heated feuds.

I don’t see why you don’t bring back Booker T, Mick Foley, Undertaker (under legends contracts already right). I’d even recommend MVP to come back and start up stables with the stars that need some shine. and mentoring. Over arc would be the
McMahon family triangle. Anyone agree/disagree?

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