What Can Roman Reigns Do To Rise to Anyone’s Expectations?


I can only imagine, but there is now I could ever feel the overwhelming pressure that Roman Reigns must be carrying on his back to live to Vince McMahon’s expectations.

I just watched Smackdown from Thursday and witnessed another one of Roman’s cringe-worthy promos directed towards Sheamus for their upcoming TLC match. It felt so scripted, and so robotic.

While many vocal critics in the IWC choose to think that turning Reigns heel is the ultimate solution, but no one chooses to examine that there have been a few choice times where Reigns actually gets a good response. When Roman Reigns displays real emotion, anger, a chip on his shoulder to prove the world wrong.

I actually think building off of those moments and drop the coolness part of his character, he could be better received. Hey, if it causes those kids that he appeals to abandon him by dropping that John Cena like charm that WWE encourages him to have.

There are several people that Roman Reigns reacts to that are indicative as to the the type of bad ass, alpha male personality that would make him a better character, along with several traits he could instill to his in-ring persona.

brock roman

Roman Reigns actually responds like he should when he is face to face with Roman Reigns. One of his best moments in a promo situation was the snowed out Raw in January featuring the sit-down interview interruption. No one doubted that Reigns wasn’t a formidable opponent, but his push was ultimately affected by the rush of Daniel Bryan back into the main event mix.


Triple H is another person that Roman Reigns responds to the right way. So few words spoken between these two have made their interactions very effective. Now that you know the people I think help Roman, how about the things that could be done to help Roman. First of all,  Triple H must become the bain of Roman’s existence. Go Austin -McMahon in terms of hatred, and make it that Roman needs to get royally screwed more by Triple H week after week to the point to where it culminates into a head to head feud.

One last thing, Roman Reigns needs to get beaten up more. He needs to sell a lot more. Sell some “injuries”, maybe some body parts wrapped up to show some weakness only to have Reigns continue to overcome adversity and injury to make him more sympathetic. The babyface part of the Roman Reigns character needs to be more about his resilience, his in-ring aggression, and go back to the one of the sayings of one his early shirts.



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WWE Creative in Main Event Crisis Mode Until January. Then What?


I cannot comprehend how some of the IWC think that WWE makes creative decisions without any consideration that when Wrestlemania season comes up in January certain WWE superstars (in terms of who is on top of the match card) get immediately returned back to mid-card mediocrity.

So sorry folks, but Sheamus is not holding on to the WWE World Heavyweight Title for no more than 2 months. He WILL be a transitional champion that was lucky to be booked with the Money in the Bank briefcase at the right time. Without trying to justify the reason why he was awarded the briefcase in July, he has been made the man to keep the belt warm for someone else come the Royal Rumble.

In January, it’s hard to wonder whom WWE will give the belt to. If you take away the championship runs of Daniel Bryan, Edge and CM Punk, WWE preferred to have the belt be held by the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, and part-timers like the Rock and Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar and Cena could very well make January returns and win the title at the Rumble event or prior to Wrestlemania, but whom will the WWE deem worthy opponents. I must smirk as I write about the thoughts of casual fans trying to book Wrestlemania next year in Texas with any assemblance of a match card that will draw a full house at AT&T Stadium.


Lesnar and Taker have been used a lot in 2015 on PPV so that lustre of featured attraction has been lost. Whom do you have them face? A washed out legend of the Attitude Era, a quickly push mid-carder being sent to slaughter?

Again, this WWE Offseason has exposed more cracks in the foundation of their main TV product and their main roster. I will be very surprised how the WWE will try to overcome their giant offseason hold that they have dug themselves in.

Casual fans, and marks, by all means keep fantasy booking where you think Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Ronda Rousey, Rock, Austin, Batista  are going to wrestle at Wrestlemania 32. Good think there will be more wrestling coming back in January. -KOP

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WIR 11.25.15: WWE Suffers from Poor Survivor Series Short-Term Booking


WWE Suffers from Poor Survivor Series Short-Term Booking as Jeremy G and MarkyMark811 discuss how this has led to even worse RAW ratings. Plus, how professional wrestling is set to thrive on television in 2016. Plus, TNA World Title Series Tournament Berths Filling up and Ring of Honor crowns a new TV champ.

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WIR 11.23.15: WWE Survivor Series 2015 Post Show- Sheamus Finds Belt of Gold

survivor series

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Post Show as Sheamus Finds Belt of Gold while Roman Reigns misses the brass ring. Wyatts Buried as WWE chooses to keep the Undertaker gimmick strong while sacrificing the Wyatts at the altar of the Undertaker.

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Professional Wrestling Succeeds and Survives TV Musical Chairs


Ring of Honor (“ROH”) is proud to announce that beginning December 2nd, ROH will air its weekly television program nationally on the COMET television channel.

TNA Impact Wrestling will be moving to POP TV, the former TV Guide Channel, beginning Tuesday, January 5th at 9pm EST.

Lucha Underground Renewed For Season 2, and slated to return to El Rey Network in January 2016.

USA Network will have a white hot January with the grand arrival of the two-hour live action WWE powerhouse Smackdown on Thursday, January 7 at 8/7c

These are just some of the headlines that have been published thus proving that professional wrestling is very much alive and well going into 2016. Let’s look into each deal and see how this benefits each company.

Impact Wrestling to Pop TV has given TNA not only a chance to survive, but to return back into a position where they can at least make a comeback to the level of viewers that they had on Spike. Pop TV has 75 million viewers and is featured on Direct TV and Dish Network and most major cable companies, except my carrier (thanks U-Verse!).  The move to Tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern is even better for Impact so that they no longer compete alongside Lucha Underground and WWE NXT. Things could not have turned out better for TNA.  I expect to reach back out to some of their lost talent or seek out some free agents.

Ring of Honor to Comet TV was a deal made simple since ROH’s parent company Sinclair Broadcasting owns the network. This new network at least gives some of the major TV markets a way to find a digital converter and find the show at midnight on Wednesday nights. Basically, ROH is more or less in the same place that they were while hoping that Comet TV will find its way to cable or satellite in the near future.

Lucha Underground getting a season 2 is a result of El Rey Network realizing that the wrestling product wasn’t the only reason ratings did not get higher as originally hoped. El Rey Network is in the middle of an identity change by partnering with Warner Brothers Domestic TV to air reruns of Constantine, Almost Human, Human Target, Mortal Kombat, Freddy’s Nightmares, V and Night Visions. Those shows are a big change from the martial arts and cult movies that El Rey viewers are accustomed to. They have also cut the amount of original programming to Lucha Underground, From Dusk Til Dawn and the Director’s Chair, so Lucha probably will work with close to the same budget they had last season.

WWE Smackdown is a move to soon to talk about. WWE might get a small bump in ratings because of the channel change but that is all I expect to happen.

Wrestling has a better future in 2016, and that makes for a lot of happy wrestling fans like yours truly.-KOP


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