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TNA on TV Life Support after Spike TV cancels Impact Wrestling. Implications and who wins or loses; WWE Summerslam 2014 Shaping Up; Looking Roman Reigns Ring Work as WWE preps him for main event babyface immortality. 
Brock Lesnar Looks To Conquer WWE Heavyweight Title at Summerslam; IWC Doubts CM Punk is Gone for Good; TNA Hoping 6-sided ring and ECW help in the New York tapings will help TNA survive. WWE Network Ideas for Better Profits.
WWE Battleground Post Show:  Ambrose/Rollins: No Match Needed as the Brawl and Pull Apart was good enough before Summerslam. Cena and Reigns are Equal in the Fatal Four Way Title Match by way of some excellent stroytelling.
Farewell CM Punk; Seth Rollins is Alright; WWE Battleground Build is Excellent, and we give a preview and predictions. ROH needs new content on TV; Tyson Kidd Heel Build on NXT Interesting. More responses to Roman Reigns, plus when do we see Brock Lesnar returning. How well will TNA Short Term Booking for New York City do?
 Blog post feedback from Slow Down on That Roman Reigns Title Push;  TNA in Short Term Mode with NY tapings. Kevin Steens final 3 ROH matches.
Hot Shot Booking to Summerslam; TNA New York City Fallout; Money in the Bank Final Thoughts; AJ, Y2J and Miz return on Raw. Also, a heated discussion on future booking Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Cesaro.
WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Recap: Cena Had To Be Champ Again; Seth Rollins now has a year to become championship-worthy;Was it just me or did 90 minutes of that ppv feel like Sunday Night Raw?
WWE Money in the Bank Preview; Who Should Grab World Title; TNA New World Champ Bobby Lashley; TNA in New York City; ROH Best in the World 2014 Thoughts; The VaudeVillains in NXT; Bye Vickie Guerrero
  ROH Best in the World 2014-Nashville, TN- Production stepped up, Big projection screen ala titan tron along with regular entrance. .Good lighting, better entrance. Crowd looks good, black curtains with venue color lighted in background. Announcers fill me ppl in their nuances but they are not dumbing down any explanations of their product for their diehard fans.   1-ACH vs. Takaaki Watanabe vs. Caprice Coleman vs. TarDarius Thomas vs. B.J. Whitmer vs. Tommaso Ciampa-Six-Man Mayhem match for a future ROH World Television Championship match- Rules are  involves six wrestlers, with two actively in the ring, and four others outside standing at the turnbuckles. Instead of tagging in and out to become legal, the outside wrestlers enter the ring using "Mexican" rules—entering the ring as soon as another leaves. Adrenaline Rush shines, Coleman suplexing away to Watanabe. Ciampa with Project Ciampa to Coleman and ACH. Ciampa super over by crowd. Suicide dives by Ciampa, Coleman and ACH with some height in a splash. ACH with a 450 to TD for the pin. ACH earns a TV title shot.   2-Jay Lethal (c) (with Truth Martini) vs. Matt TavenSingles match for the ROH World Television Championship; Truth Martini will be handcuffed to the ringpost.. Martini interferences and Taven masked as The Romantic Touch highlighted in this 7 month long  feud. Truth hesitates with the handcuffing in old school heel style. Good storyline build well explained before the match. Lots of brawling, spills out to the floor. Lethal combo, savage elbow for 2. Taven with jumping inseguri and brainbuster for 2. Corino shouting CRASH AND BURN on every dive.Head of security Jay Diesel bribed by Truth. Taven kicks him to get to Truth. Salesia the strong tough valet breaks the handcuff and she and Truth escape. Taven gets Lethal Injection to retain the belt. Story about Taven’s hate for Martini well told.   3-Roderick Strong vs. Cedric Alexander-Submission match-nasty move when Strong is back body dropped from out of the ring to the apron hitting Cedric’s back. Strong from there works on the back. Cedric dives on the decade, ddt to a guillotine choke, but broken up. Strong jammed by his own move twice for the win.   4-The Briscoe Brothers (Jay and Mark Briscoe) vs. Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett-Tag team match-Matt Hardy now the iconic world champion after Adam Cole gave Matt Jay Briscoe’s made world title. Matt Hardy accompanied by Justified star Nick Searcy who plays US Marshals Director Art Mullen or Raylan Givens’ boss. Peabody Award winner also played a bit role in The Fugitive after Richard Kimble does a Peter Pan into the river. Briscoes in control and Bennet bashes iconic belt for DQ to Jay. Matchmaker Nigel McGuiness restarts match as no DQ and Briscoes brings in a load of chairs. Match goes hardcore from here. Corino swoons for Hardy saying he invented ppv, ladder matches. Hardy suplexes into chairs and a ladder by Jay. Doomsday Device to Bennet from apron to the floor. Searcy attacked. Twist of fate to Jay for 2. Elbow from top rope to floor through table for Mark to Bennet. Hardy up the ladder, Mark with fire extinguisher. Jay suplexes off ladder into table in ring. Jay driller for pin.   Footage of Adam Cole shaving Michael Elgin and putting figure on Elgin’s wife, Woman of Honor wrestler MsChief.   Moose, former Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman, ROH Future of Honor wrestler, is introduced. Mandy Leon tre hot.   Veda Scott interrupts. Offers to manage Moose   5-Kevin Steen vs. Silas Young-Singles match-Is this Steen’s last match for ROH? Steen comes out in much better shape. Near falls swapped with pump handle neckbreaker for 2. Steen with cannonball and swanton for 2. Steen so agile in ring for big guy. Backbreaker and short clothesline by Silas for 2. Package piledriver for the pin to win by Steen.   6-reDRagon (Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly) (c) vs. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian-Tag team match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship-Fish Tank segment preps the match. Lots of streamers for Daniels and Kazarian who fight face here. Chair to Kaz’s arm by Fish. RedDragon double team Kaz and the injured arm. Midnight express reference made. O Reilly with guillotine choke broken by Kaz but Fish pulls Daniels from apron to make tag. Daniels hot tagged. Red Dragon flurry of clothesline  and 2-man smash for 2 to Daniels. Angels wings by Daniels for two. Kaz hits flux capacitor which hurts Kazs arm more. Pin stopped by Fish who pulls referee. Chasing Dragons to Kaz for 2 count. O Reilly puts cross arm breaker to Kaz who taps. Redragon retain. 7-Adam Cole (c) vs. Michael Elgin-Singles match for the ROH World Championship-Elgin gets a highlight package on the big screen. Sports new haircut. Elgin takes control early, suplex to Cole on the entrance. Tiger suplex in ring for 2 by Elgin. Announcers push Elgin’s not ever been world champ and what it means to his legacy. Lots of near falls by Elgin to sell the point. Double Hurricanranas and Florida Key for 2. Dusty finish with kick to Todd Sinclair. Bucklebomb and Powerbomb but ref is out. Elgin attacked by Hardy and Bennett, but Elgin with double drop.  Cole thrown down to Hardy and Bennet. Cole gets Florida Key to Elgin on the floor. Elgin avoids 20 count. Bucklebomb, powerbomb combo kicked out  by Elgin for 2. Fans think Elgin had it won. Cole dropkicks Elgins knee. Figure 4 around the post by Cole. Crossface by Elgin. Destroyer for 2. Three powerbombs by Elgin for the win. New World Champion. Confetti and streamers as the PPV goes off the air.
WWE Talent Releases: Who else could have gone, WWE Money In The Bank 2014 Buildup, TNA Slammiversary Takeaways and Plans for NYC Tapings, ROH Best in the World 2014 Preview and Predictions, Kevin Hart is NOT FUNNY...What has become of comedy today. 
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