WWE Is Actively Trying To Make Me Hate Wrestling


If you listened to our lastest podcast (If you haven’t DO IT NOW), you know how my partner & I felt about the current state of WWE. We are 100% in the Wrestlemania off-season, where the star we want to see are gone & the guys who we were constantly told were mid-carders are now headlining. Don’t get me wrong, I glad guys like Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, & Bad News Barrett are getting predominate positions on a WWE PPV. But the fact that everything has just been thrown together & that WWE continues to insult my intelligence with shitty storylines just makes me feel that they don’t want me to watch wrestling anymore.


Now I know there is good wrestling out there. NXT, Lucha Underground, & Ring of Honor fire on all cylinders & deliver a great pure wrestling product. But when the flagship show is as bad as it is, it makes me grow tired of wrestling & just makes me not want to watch any other wrestling show even if it is miles better in terms of quality. As good as those shows are, some how, some way, Raw manages to negate it & almost make me despise being a wrestling fan.

imageI respect the hell out of Vince McMahon & everything he’s done for the business because without him, we wouldn’t have had the great wrestling matches we’ve had throughout the years. But the man needs to realize that it’s time to hang up the proverbial boots & retire from day to day operations. The man is borderline senile if his storylines are any indication. His attention span lasts only a week as storylines are not followed up on from week to week. The writers who come in with enthusiasm & passion for the wrestling business end up booking not what makes sense but what Vince thinks makes sense. That’s not how you run a business & it’s hurting the product. I know this is an unpopular opinion but I honestly feel that Triple H can do a better job at this considering he has stepped in the ring & knows what it’s like for those guys & girls who walk out there. He is also a fan of business which is why NXT is as good as it is. Vince needs to retire & spend time at home with his grandchildren & leave the guys who know what they’re doing, do what’s “best for business”

I don’t want to hate wrestling. I’ve been a fan of it since I was a kid. It’s been a major part of my life & I don’t want to just throw it away. But if things continue the way they have been, It’s going to be very tough to justify putting up with it.

– Jeremy G

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Why Do WWE Off-Season Plans Keep Self-Destructing Each Year?

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Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker and Sting go away immediately after Wrestlemania, and only one hour into the Raw after Wrestlemania the WWE Off-Season begins.

The plans this year were sub-par at best, but like many in the Internet Wrestling Community, expectations take a free fall. Over the last three years alone, the Off-Season has given us main event storylines that have disappointed the IWC.  Let’s look back at the last couple of years and consider what WWE thought was the right Off-Season plan and why it ultimately made fans impatient for Wrestlemania season to come back.


We did have the constant screwjob finishes that denied the WWE Universe a “B+”Daniel Bryan a more lengthy championship run following that years Summerslam, Dolph Ziggler cashing in to win the World Heavyweight Championship (and then gets hurt) and CM Punk was feuding with those long forgotten Paul Heyman guys Ryback and Curtis Axel and then the Wyatt family. We also had ( and still have) the consistent anchor of the main event storyline in the Authority  and oh yeah we had the return of Rob Van Dam.

But what else did we have to deal with.

  • Remember Curtis Axel as the new Paul Heyman guy and those great newcomers like Xavier Woods and Los Matadores.
  • WWE fans were getting beaten over the head to download the new WWE App.
  • Sheamus and 1-800 Fella.
  • Cody Rhodes getting fired as the Authority abused their power.
  • Daniel Bryan becomes a Wyatt.



CM Punk is gone. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are injured during this Off-Season. Paige (making an immediate impact good or bad). John Cena became the de facto world champion, after Bryan vacates the belt before going on the shelf, because WWE had no faith in anyone else holding at that time.

But, then we had…

  •  Bo Dallas joined the roster…and the casual fan did not BO-LIEVE!
  • Adios to Alberto Del Rio
  • The Bella Twins heated (and poorly acted) sibling rivalry…. and then they patched things up!
  • Then there is the easy fix to pumping the ratings on Monday night, great guest hosts like Kathie Lee and Hoda, Kevin Hart, Jerry Springer, (and lets not forget animals like Scooby Doo and Grumpy Cat.)
  • Brie Bella playing D-list scream queen alongside Daniel Bryan escaping the clutches of Kane (before he gets hurt again.)


seth rollins kane

I guess I could talk about the first month of this Off-Season, and so far we already have Daniel Bryan potentially on the shelf, but the overexposure of Seth Rollins and the again increased use of Kane (and the recent fingerpoke of doom tribute) and Big Show in matches.  leads me to believe that this WWE Off-Season could lead to more injuries, bad storylines and an eventual return of bad guest hosts….because that is what WWE does during the Off-Season.

IWC: You can commence fantasy booking Wrestlemania 32 now. You know you want to- KOP

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Why Cant WWE Faithful IWC Fans Be More Like Football Fans?


WWE is the Major Leagues and all other wrestling promotions are considered the minor leagues.  Baseball is commonly compared to that same analogy, but I think that is what the Internet Wrestling Community (or now jokingly being referred to as the Internet Sports Entertainment Community) has been led to believe. I think there is a smart minority among the small yet vocal minority that could be better full-time wrestling fans if they looked at wrestling how the majority of sports fans look at football.


By football, I mean American football. For those of you outside of America, sports fans young and old have an adoration with professional football (The National Football League) as much as they do college football. Established veterans performing conventionally in front of millions watching on TV and thousands watching the stands.  But, football enjoys both collegiate and professional football for separate reasons.

The NFL plays worldwide, while college football for the most part reaches a national audience for those that look for it. The players in the NFL have perfected their craft and is recognized for their establishment of veteran superstars like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Tony Romo whether we are happy to see them on top or not.


College football is full of young raw talent consumed in the traditions and comradery of diehard football fans looking to see unconventional high scoring high speed action. Sounds like TNA, Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground and some of the other Indy promotions doesn’t it.

Let me get to my point now that I have explained my analogy. In football, you find different reasons to appreciate the sport that is football. Why can’t more fans do the same (to quote Shane Douglas) the sport of professional wrestling.-KOP

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WIR 04.22.15: WWE Extreme Rules Preview: WWE Offseason Unraveling; TNA Tag Team Gold, SexyStar with the Save

WWE Extreme Rules Preview as KOP and Jeremy discuss how the WWE Offseason is Unraveling with World Champion Overexposure and too much Big Show and Kane, plus the health breakdown of Daniel Bryan. Plus,  TNA Tag Team Gold, SexyStar with the Save for the Hot Announcer Chick on Lucha Underground, Dalton Castle…the real ROH Diva and more. Subscribe to the Wrestling is Real Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Please support the Wrestling is Real Podcast by doing your Amazon shopping through our website, AmazonisReal.com. Portions from all purchases will go to support the show. Also, check out or archived shows, plus the latest news headlines and the Wrestling is Real Blog, as well as click on the banners and support our sponsors by going to our website, KingofPodcasts.com.


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Enough With Extreme Rules: Time to Scale Down the Hardcore Matches


I post that title because the hardcore matches we see so often on TV happen just to have a reason to have a hardcore match more than they are a blowoff to a hot feud. Extreme Rules has become an event, much like WWE having Hell in a Cell and Tables, Ladders and Chairs or TNA having Hardcore Justice and Lockdown, that are just unnecessary in this day of wrestling.



Back when I use to watch Raw and Nitro during the Monday Night Wars, I never missed a late night episode of ECW on Sunshine Network on Saturday nights at 2am. My VCR was always set to record for the nights I went out so I would never miss it.  At that time, all of the hardcore matches i saw on that show and on their PPVS were shocking because we had never seen those kind of matches. Plus, there was a time where TV was really sensationalized.

Now, it’s safe to say the bulk of wrestling fans have become desensitized to all of the chair and ladder shots we see wrestlers still take today.  I’m not getting on the concussion soap box or anything but when I see a hardcore match announced it makes me think the wrestlers (or their bookers) are booked in this because they are unable to tell a good story or perform a great match. The Bram vs. Abyss feud in TNA and the Broadway Brawl and Hamptons Hardcore matches with Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler last year come to my mind.


I don’t think all of the gimmick pay per views (or special events on WWE Network) need to go away, but the hardcore matches are outdated. Book an important steel cage match once in a while, but enough of Extreme Rules, please. -KOP


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WIR 04.15.15: Seth Rollins Rocking the Recliner; TNA Tag Team Gold Setup, How WWE Needs To Bank on NXT


Seth Rollins Rocking the Recliner, sets his RKO Ban Stipulation for WWE Extreme Rules; TNA Tag Team Gold Setup, How WWE Needs To Bank on NXT, plus How TNA is Finally Making up for their Mistakes. Subscribe to the Wrestling is Real Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Please support the Wrestling is Real Podcast by doing your Amazon shopping through our website, AmazonisReal.com. Portions from all purchases will go to support the show. Also, check out or archived shows, plus the latest news headlines and the Wrestling is Real Blog, as well as click on the banners and support our sponsors by going to our website, KingofPodcasts.com.


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TNA and Impact Wrestling Has Finally Started to Learn From Past Mistakes


From the first tapings at the Manhattan Center in New York City last June, Impact Wrestling and TNA overall finally started to make the very long and arduous turn back to becoming a better wrestling promotion. They have started to make the turn back into a respectable promotion and have stopped the bleeding of negativity that have clotted  the company since the promising days of the 60-minute adrenaline rush.


Ironically, TNA is back to where it was back in 2006, but they have basically not made any progress. I’m not going to list all the mistakes this company has made: Hogan/Bischoff, Vince Russo, Aces and Eights, Immortal , Orlando Jordan, we remeber and cringe at them all.

Remember when Mick Foley was general manager during the rebranding of Impact Wrestling with the slogan, “Where Wrestling Matters”, and only years later that the promotion has inadvertently gone back to an old school philosophy.

The World Heavyweight title picture has had Lashley holding the belt for 256 days, restoring validity and prestige back to the belt. Kurt Angle as new world champion only reinforces the importance of the title in the company. The Wolves as tag team title holders got elevated with the titles given all of their great matches with Team 3D and the Hardys. Even with the forfeit of their belts last week, TNA has been smart to give a lot of focus to a tag team tournament to crown new champions by including some of their main event talent in the mix including the Hardys, EC3 and Austin Aries.  Then there’s the Knockout title picture with a returning Awesome Kong, Gail Kim and champion Taryn Terrell.


Promos and backstage segments have been scaled back and more TV time is spent in the ring. TNA has made the most of a huge step back from getting dropped by Spike TV and landing on Destination America. They have used their roster effectively, they have cut costs from the taping schedule to the elimination of house shows.

Although they have lost more than half of their audience from the TV move, TNA does have a chance to monetize from their situation by coming back to pay per view for Slammiversary this summer and Bound for Glory in the fall.

TNA has been very smart with their booking of their television show and more notably their main event matches each week, they are well positioned to make some waves with a limited number of live pay-per-views once again.

Staying the current course, TNA’s growth back to a million viewers from last year will probably take more than a year, but at least their course is back on track. -KOP


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Is An Interpromotional Match Really That Unlikely For WWE?


Recently, Daniel Bryan was interviewed prior to Wrestlemania talking about a bunch of things from his thoughts on Roman Reigns to old Nintendo games. But one thing he mentioned was the fact that he pitched a match between him & IWGP Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. At first, when I heard this, I immediately laughed it off as something ridiculous. WWE would never be up for something like this; so I dismissed it. But after thinking about it, I started to ask myself “Well, why wouldn’t they?”. Of course the obvious answer is that it would go against their stance of having a self-contained ecosystem. Then I started to think about reasons why they should do it.


For one, it creates buzz for both companies because it would be the two biggest wrestling companies in the world putting on a co-promoted matchup. It gives off a big fight feel that would be a must see for not just NJPW & WWE fans, but all wrestling fans. Similar to how Mayweather vs. Pacquiao is a must see for all sports fans. It’s a spectacle that would draw a lot of attention from wrestling media and mainstream media alike, which is something WWE so desperately tries to attain.


Another incentive would be that it would drive people to get the WWE Network. The great thing about the WWE Network is that it doesn’t have to abide by any ratings statistics, network broadcasting regulations, or advertising. The reason why the current WWE product is PG is because NBC wants it to be PG to attract advertisers. With the WWE Network, goes out the window because WWE owns it. That’s why they are able to put on the new line up of adult based shows because they don’t need to worry about scaring away advertisers. Of course if the match did happen it would have to be simulcasted on both the WWE Network & New Japan World but that’s not really an issue since one would be in English & the other would be in Japanese.

WWE is looking for ways for people to buy the network. Yes they already have 1.3 million subscriptions but that’s going to drop off throughout the year unless they do something big. This could be their opportunity to really get people talking about WWE and the WWE Network during the already very slow Wrestlemania Offseason. Of course the booking would be an issue but I think both companies could come up with a non-finish that satisfies both parties. Hell, maybe they can take it a step further put on an entire card of WWE vs. NJPW matches. This sounds like a wrestling fan’s dream but given the circumstances WWE is in, I don’t think this would be an unlikely idea for them at all.

– Jeremy G.

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WIR 04.08.15: AJ Lee Skips Away; Lucha Underground Trios Titles; Bell to Bell Impact


AJ Lee Skips Away into retirement; Lucha Underground introduces a tournament for the Trios Titles; Bell to Bell Impact finishes some long feuds; Stone Cold Rumors are squashed.

Subscribe to the Wrestling is Real Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Please support the Wrestling is Real Podcast by doing your Amazon shopping through our website, AmazonisReal.com. Portions from all purchases will go to support the show. Also, check out or archived shows, plus the latest news headlines and the Wrestling is Real Blog, as well as click on the banners and support our sponsors by going to our website, KingofPodcasts.com.


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AJ Lee Moves On. Where Does the WWE Divas Division Go From Here?


Earlier today, three-time WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee officially retired from WWE. After a very prolific 5 years on camera on WWE television, from NXT gamer-girl contestant to a loved and revered crazy chick holding the WWE Divas Champion, she made an immediate impact to where WWE did just about and everything they could to cash in on the instant popularity of this smart, beautiful and talented women’s wrestler.


Who would have thought this former queen of Florida Championship Wrestling and Jay Lethal-trained prodigy would have made it so far n such a short time. At 28 years old, she leaves at the prime of her career to work on whatever future endeavors she damn well pleases and undoubtedly will live happily ever after with her husband and fellow former WWE superstar CM Punk.

As for the legacy she leaves behind a Divas division in transition. I consider AJ to be one the best women wrestlers WWE has had in the last 15 years, above the likes of Attitude-Era stars Lita, Trish Stratus and Victoria. It’s a very bold and debatable statement I know but for AJ to have been a three-time champion, an on-screen valet and love interest to an authority figure as a RAW General Manager, I think my argument is very much much valid.


With the #GiveDivasAChance campaign picking up steam and a hit cable reality series, the WWE Divas division needs to be infused with someone ready to take over AJ’s spot. A top spot to become occupied by if not Paige, then one of the non-Total Divas. I know of a few NXT Women’s superstars that could work their way up to that spot. Do you hear that Charlotte? Sasha Banks? -KOP


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How Does Wrestlemania 31 Compare To Wrestlemania 30 PT. 2/2



We are less than a week removed from Wrestlemania 31. It’s been a quite interesting to hear all the different opinions and viewpoints coming out of the show. If you listened to the past 2 shows (Which why wouldn’t you have) I have said that this Wrestlemania was really really good considering the buildup that lead up to it. But does this PPV really stack up to its predecessor Wrestlemania 30? (You can read part 1 here)


Let’s take a look at my initial & after thoughts of the show now that I have had time to reflect on what transpired that night.


Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The New Day vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Initial thoughts: Like last year, there was really no fan fair going into this match. It was yet another thrown together match for the sake of having a match & getting the most people on the card as possible. I get that mentality but it’s Wrestlemania. Regardless of if it’s on the pre-show or the main show, you should have matches that matter.

After thoughts: Again, like last year, a good match that had no consequence. Glad to see Cesaro & Kidd retain as I feel they are better as champions than in the chase. These guys deserve it.


2nd Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Initial thoughts: When they first announced that the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal was going to be a yearly tradition, I had hope that this would be a way to showcase the low tier talent that wouldn’t get a chance to be on the main card. I mean, performing in from of 75,000+ people on the grandest stage should motivate guys to want to move up. And with Hideo Itami winning the NXT tournament, this should be a good match.

After thoughts: What a waste of a match. Not only is there no memorable spots, but you give the win to Big Show? The last person who deserves a push by winning something like this? I get that they wanted to try & tie it to Andre because they are both giants but come on. There were plenty of other competitors that would have definitely benefited from this win like Damien Mizdow. At least they progressed the only storyline going into this match. I sincerely hope this is the last we see of this match at Wrestlemania.


Daniel Bryan vs. R-Truth vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust vs. Luke Harper vs. Bad News Barrett in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Initial thoughts: When I first found out that Daniel Bryan was going to be demoted from the World Title picture to the IC Title picture, I was very disappointed. This is a guy who had gotten over on his own, puts on a great match every time he’s in the ring with whoever is in there with him, and you put him in a match for a title that hasn’t meant anything in years? And not just any match, a dangerous match that could potentially re-injure him. I wasn’t looking forward to it. But as time passed, I started thinking about the prospects of Bryan actually winning the tile & what it could mean for him & the title. Not only do you elevate the title by having a guy like Bryan hold it, but you are positioning Bryan as the number 2 guy behind the world champion. It should be a good match either way.

After thoughts: I’m glad I was right. Bryan was the only person who could have won the match that could make a difference to the title itself. I give props to Ambrose for taking that horrible bump off the ladder from that power bomb by Harper. I literally cringed when I saw it happened. Also props to Ziggler for hanging with Bryan & making it seem like either one of them could take that title down. Hopefully he stays in that mix for a while. All in all, good match. Could have been better but it was good nonetheless.


Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins

Initial thoughts: While you can say many things about Randy Orton, one this you can’t say is that he’s a bad wrestler. He has something about him that just stands out in the ring. SUre, it may be formulaic at times but he knows what to do to. Unlike Cena who doesn’t have that same feeling to his style. Seth Rollins is a maniac in the ring & just doesn’t stop. He’s really coming into his own & is starting to get the WWE style.

After thoughts: This match went exactly how I wanted it to go. Both Orton & Rollins put on a great match together & showed that they have a good chemistry together. That finish was probably the best RKO finish I’ve seen since the Air Borne finish years ago. This match had good physiology, good athleticism, good pacing, good wrestling, it was just a good match all around. This is the type of match they should show at the performance center to show how you wrestle a good WWE styled match.


Triple H vs. Sting

Initial thoughts: The mere idea of Sting wrestling in a WWE ring still gets to me. Ever since he first showed up at Survivor Series last year, it doesn’t feel real that Sting is finally in WWE after 14 years. This match should be a good showcase for Sting and a chance for newer fans who didn’t watch WCW or TNA to get to know who Sting is and see what he can do. Sure, he may be 57 but I’m confident that with Triple H making him look good, he’ll do great.

After thoughts: Not what I was expecting at all. I get that this is WWE & they’re the ones telling the story. But it reeks of Vince McMahon letting everyone know that WWE is better than WCW ever was. Even the commentary was pandering on the WWE side. But despite the finish, the match was still good. Sting still has it. I didn’t expect the run ins from DX & NWO but it added to the drama in a good way. The handshake at the end didn’t make sense considering the story they were telling in the buildup but it was nice. Was it overbooked? Sure. But the match itself was good and that’s all we asked for.


AJ Lee & Paige vs. The Bella Twins

Initial thoughts: As much as I love AJ & Paige, they should not be tagging together in a Wrestlemania match. I feel like every year the divas get treated like the pre-show matches in that they just throw together whoever & hope it’s good. AJ or Piage should be facing each other or facing the divas champion. It could be a good match but I’m not really expecting much.

After thoughts: I don’t know why this match happened. Wrestlemania should have matches that actually have same fallout to them. This match really didn’t have anything going for it & was over before I could even get into it. It’s really sad that the women STILL get treated this way despite the GiveDivasAChance movement that was supposedly happening.


John Cena vs. Rusev for the United States Championship

Initial thoughts: Rusev is the best example of an NXT call up. Since he debuted, he has been dominant in a way that we haven’t seen since Brock Lesnar. They have protected the hell out of Rusev & it has made him a bigger star. Iv’e said it before & I’ll say it again, I wasn’t a big fan of Rusev in the begining. But WWE turned me around on him & he’s one of my favorites on the roster. Cena has shown more character in this feud than he has in a while. Who knew he cared about the US title so much? Even if Cena were winning, the fact that in one year, Rusev went from NXT call up to headlining his first Wrestlemania with John Cena. It speaks volumes to how over he is.

After thoughts: Great match. As much as I dislike the idea of Cena being US Champion, it actually makes sense & I’m fine with it. Cena pulled out all the stops for this one & made Rusev looked good. I fully expect them to continue this feud into Extreme Rules which I wouldn’t mind. The patriotism in Cena may be a bit too much, especially for the audience overseas, but I liked this match.


Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker

Initial thoughts: Coming out of Wrestlemania last year, Undertaker had many doubters. Not because he lost to Lesnar, but because he just looked bad in the match. Looking out of shape, sloppy in the ring ust turned people off of him. So leading into this Wrestlemania, many were wondering what Taker was going to be like. Bray Wyatt didn’t exactly have the best year last year. Losing to Cena & having boring feuds with Jericho & Ambrose didn’t help him at all. But they did build him up at the start of 2015 & it has done him good. Wyatt is still one of the best talkers in WWE, even if his promos are nonsensical at times. These characters clashing should be a sight to see.

After thoughts: Taker looked SOOOO much better than he did a year ago. The attire he wore fit him & his persona as a deadman & a cowboy. He looked jacked & less sloppy. Wyatt looked good in this match too despite being injured. The match got a bit too slow at times for my liking but you don’t need to have fast pace Undertaker matches anymore because it’s the story that you want to see. I expected Wyatt to to win not only to ake him look stronger, but also so it could set up a potential match between Taker & Sting at next year’s Wrestlemania. But after all is said & done, I’m happy that Taker won because he showed that he could still do it.


Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Initial thoughts: This build up has to be the worst build up to a Wrestlemania WWE title match I have ever seen. Even the Miz vs. Cena match had a better buildup  than this one. With the fans turning on Reigns & Lesnar’s contract being up in the air, WWE clealry had no idea what to do. The booking for both men was just weird & didn’t make sense. Heyman was able to salve the storyline & still make it interesting enough for people to at least be curious in this match. But this was just a bad buildup to a match that will most likely disappoint.

After Thoughts: I have never felt this way about a main event before. Who knew WWE would recycle the match Lesnar had with Cena at Summerslam last year & do the same thing to Reigns, their next golden boy. I was on the edge of my seat just chomping at the bit waiting for the next thing to happen. Just watching Lesnar decimate Reigns kept me smiling from ear to ear because it’s good storytelling. Reigns laughing & egging Lesnar on was also a nice touch as well. But I never thought they would have Seth Rollins run down & cash in the breifcase in the middle of the match to make it a triple threat match. I had briefly mentioned it as a side comment to what could potentially happen but seeing it happen really shocked me & got me screaming like a school girl meeting the lead singer of their favorite boy band. Just a great match that told a great story. The actual wrestling was lacking but it more than made of for it with sheer spectacle. Just awesome.


Overall thoughts: This Wrestlemania exceeded all expectations. I don’t think anyone was expecting this show to be a good as it was. During the post show I mentioned how good this PPV was. I honestly felt that night that this might be the best Wrestlemania I’ve ever seen. But after a few days of thinking about it, it was a good PPV that delivered in places where I thought it wouldn’t. That being said, I can honestly say that Wrestlemania 31 was by far better than Wrestlemania 30. Yes, Wrestlemania 30 gave the fans what they wanted in Bryan & told his story perfectly. But it really was at the cost of the undercard. If you take away Daniel Bryan from that show, you are left with a pretty mediocre card. You can take a guy like Bryan, or Cena, or Sting, or Taker out of Wrestlemania 31 & you will still have a great show to put on. If anything, this shows that WWE is competent enough to put on fantastic shows when they want to. Unfortunately they need to be pushed to do so. Hopefully they can continue this momentum going forward into the Wrestlemania offseason.


– Jeremy G.

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What Wrestlemania 31 Lacked in Creative, It Made Up for Well-Booked Finishes


Fans have definitely cooled their jets on the weak buildup of Wrestlemania 31 once they watched and enjoyed a number of the outcomes of the three singles title matches while some were split over the Undertaker/Bray Wyatt and Triple H/Sting matchups.


Listening a plethora of podcasts that extensively reviewed the event, new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was described by Jim Ross as a “beatable world champion” who now has a number of opponents seeking to take him down. We can now look forward to seeing this sneaky scheming chicken s$%& heel who will use his allies in the Authority to do whatever it takes to beat the likes of Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar (once he returns from his “suspension”). The fact that the champion will be on television every week and defending his belt every month. WWE was actually thinking pretty far ahead meanwhile protecting Brock Lesnar as a rule-breaking bad-ass babyface. Hopefully fans will let up booing Roman Reigns for having two really great pay per view matches with Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar, and getting humbled and denied the championship. Yeah, being fed down our throats.


Daniel Bryan now has  Dolph Ziggler, Bad News Barrett and the returning Sheamus to keep him busy defending the Intercontinental Title for the rest of the year. As long as he holds that belt that title will continue to be elevated, because the fans I believe will stay vocal enough to keep WWE from devaluing Daniel Bryan any further than he already has from this time last year. John Cena holding the US title could be the same as long as continues to defend the belt unlike some of the other recent title holders, ironically recent opponents Rusev and Dean Ambrose.



As for next year, Brock Lesnar should be booked for another heavyweight championship run at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas. Believe it or not, Triple H’s win over Sting books him strong for an eventual confrontation with the Rock and Undertaker needed to come back from breaking the streak with a victory for his retirement match, whether it be Sting or not. Creative might have dropped the ball all Wrestlemania season, but the decision makers made some well thought out proactive moves . -KOP


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WIR 04.01.15: Welcome to the Wrestlemania Offseason!


Do not fret though, KOP and Jeremy G discuss how this offseason really isn’t going to be all that bad. Lucha Underground gives us 2 great championship matches. Balor and Owens go Takeover style on NXT, Impact Wrestling looks better and are finishing some feuds. Ring of Honor finishes up with Samoa Joe. Subscribe to the Wrestling is Real Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Please support the Wrestling is Real Podcast by doing your Amazon shopping through our website, AmazonisReal.com. Portions from all purchases will go to support the show. Also, check out or archived shows, plus the latest news headlines and the Wrestling is Real Blog, as well as click on the banners and support our sponsors by going to our website, KingofPodcasts.com.


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Why This Wrestlemania Off-Season Will Be Better Than Last Year


Sometime after the start of the second hour of the RAW after Wrestlemania, WWE sobered us up from our post-Wrestlemania hangover of excitement. Stephanie McMahon chose to punish the Beast Incarnate after he snapped on the announcers at ringside, a cameraman and J and J Security when new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins chickened out of Brock’s entitled championship rematch.

At that point is when my eyes were opened to reality, we were being welcomed back to the Wrestlemania off-season. But I was actually thinking about the fact that compared to last year, this offseason really isn’t going to be all that bad. Let me break down why.


  • Seth Rollins will have lots of opponents to deal with as the current Heavyweight Champion.
  • Brock’s suspension gives WWE a storyline to play along with his part-time status and thus make room for the likes of Randy Orton and Roman Reigns.
  • This off-season, we will have our champion on TV every week.
  • Who knows, WWE maybe will make the midcard belts mean something now that John Cena and Daniel Bryan hold on to them.
  • Every monthly WWE Network Special Event will at least feature matches with three title holders that we actually care about. The return of Sheamus, the debuts of Neville and the Lucha Dragons are an added plus.


  • Kurt Angle is our newly crowned TNA World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Last week, we saw the guys that are in line waiting to face him, including Austin Aries with his Feast or Fired briefcase, EC3 who has finally return into the championship picture and perennial champion Bobby Roode.
  • A number of feuds stemming from last year are finally coming to a close (Bram/Magnus, the Beat Down Clan/Lashley), as Impact Wrestling transitions into an upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view followed by Bound for Glory.
  • Over the last 9 months, TNA has been very consistent in giving us some simple feuds that have developed pretty well giving us quality TV main events without the blow off from a big PPV.
  • Now that they have gone back to Orlando their setup at Universal Studios looks sharp, and the arena has a nice look. It doesn’t look so indy like some of their previous stops.


Do I need to say anything about how lucky we are to have NXT and Lucha Underground. Let’s move on!



  • Jay Briscoe and Jay Lethal and ReDRagon all retained their championships at Supercard of Honor last week and their shows with New Japan Pro Wrestling (Global Wars/ War of The Worlds) and Best in the World should keep ROH fans entertained from now until Final Battle.
  • Could use some championship storylines with the likes of ful-time ROH Talent. Moose, Hanson, the Kingdom, Michael Elgin, Tomasso Ciampa among others.

Would love to hear what you are looking forward to? Happy Off-Season! -KOP

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WIR 03.30.15 Wrestlemania 31 Post Show; Rollins New World Champ; Rusev in a Tank; Rock and Ronda Rousey



Rollins cashes in (as KOP predicted) to become New World Heavyweigh Champ; Rusev in a Tank looked great but he was not indestructable to SuperCena; Rock and Ronda Rousey punk out Steph and Triple H. Daniel Bryan wins the IC Title. Subscribe to the Wrestling is Real Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Please support the Wrestling is Real Podcast by doing your Amazon shopping through our website, AmazonisReal.com. Portions from all purchases will go to support the show. Also, check out or archived shows, plus the latest news headlines and the Wrestling is Real Blog, as well as click on the banners and support our sponsors by going to our website, KingofPodcasts.com.


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