YES IWC, There is Room In the World of Wrestling for Lucha Underground

Lucha Underground

Three weeks into watching this show, and I’m all in with Lucha Underground.

The in-ring product can be compared to what we’ve seen from ECW and WCW and maybe a hint of TNA.

‘m not afraid to say that Lucha Underground’s approach to the telenovela style backstage vignettes and promos are better than 95% of what WWE and TNA ever put out (with the exception of Bray Wyatt).

The more I watch, the less I worry less about the negative stigma of hearing Matt Striker and Vampiro on commentary.

Something needs to be said about the use of Chavo Guerrero, Ezekiel Jackson and John Morrison on this show. No in-ring promos from these guys, but instead directing them in scenes that look like they came out of a movie.

Dario Cueto and Konnan get my biggest props. I can watch these guys do scenes all day long.

Let me leave you wth this bold quote:

“The way WWE is running things these days, I’d rather watch a 3-hour block of Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor and NXT over a 3-Hour RAW.”-KOP