WWE Sympathizers Too Tolerant of WWE’s Shortcoming Superstars and Storylines

I’m starting to feel that WWE casual fans are getting too apathetic to some of the corporate-style managing of the main WWE TV product each week. RAW and Smackdown have been fed just enough sub-par storylines and one-dimensional characters for the WWE Universe to chew on for long enough to the point that they are now forgiving the promotion for the “breadcrumbs” that they are being given in return.

Breadcrumbs I’m using of course as a pun to describe the revolving door of part time WWE talent from Sting to the Dudley Boyz of 2015, to Batista and Rob Van Dam of 2014, to Brock Lesnar and the Rock of the past 3 years, to Vince’s all-important failsafe, the Undertaker.


Some podcasters, who will remain unamed , and the fans that listen to them  have become the very thing that they despise other fans of becoming. remember the term TNA Sympathizers (queue the appropriate image of Hogan and Bischoff above). That’s right, even I have been called this very phrase, but the truth is what we might have been called for having an apathetic glass-half full mentality for TNA is exactly what a growing number of WWE fans are doing right now without questioning the real mistakes WWE are doing right now.

Allow me to point out the obvious issues that these WWE Sympathizers are failing to voice their displeasure about:

Misused WWE Superstars:


I’ve gotten to the trouble of using the Royal Rumble 2015 poster and an additional picture to point out the WWE Superstars that are drowning in mediocrity, and I feel like so many of the WWE Universe are simply tolerant of the parity match booking, thin storylines and even thinner character development.

The Divas Revolution:


Nikki Bella is the only diva that is really getting over in this storyline while the new NEXT call ups are still trying to find some individuality. By default, the mistake of booking team PCB, meanwhile the isolation, neglect and relegating of Sasha Banks to a trio of inferiority that will probably get her over totally by accident.


Maybe I was a TNA sympathizer (I mean how can I be now when you look that horrible GFW Invasion angle ongoing), but I for one will not sit on the sidelines accepting short term solutions to the bigger problem on WWE’s TV product. We cannot justify the fact that NEXT and the WWE Network is good enough. What good is WWE when they cannot make good programming with their main roster. Am I wrong to think this way? -KOP


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