WWE Superstars: Abandoned and Buried…Same Story Like Last Year

Last October, I wrote about the WWE Offseason and their ongoing creative direction saying the following…

year after year … main event pushes have been sidetracked, resulting in exhausted main event feuds and uninteresting storylines.

I mentioned mid-carders like The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Bad News Barrett and Sheamus, and even Jack Swagger as guys that they could not bring back to the main event. Funny enough, WWE has given up on pushing these superstars (Sheamus included because I doubt the Money in the Bank Briefcase cash in will lead to anything) to main event glory.

While WWE has failed with those superstars during their 8 year-plus careers, what has happened to the newest crop burials in the 2015 WWE Offseason?


Now, Rusev has joined the newest group of WWE Superstars getting punished and buried. Sure, Maybe kayfabe should still mean something in 2015 in the wrestling business, but what for when WWE has dropped the ball on you and your main event push.

So WWE continues to shoot themselves in the foot with failing on to produce main event talent. There are no more legends to bring back and if the Wrestling Observer’s latest report about how NXT stars like Samoa Joe and several other big name NXT stars like James Storm, and Asuka are not earmarked for the main WWE Raw roster, “because they are in NXT to add experience levels and some name value to the third touring brand, then how will they drag themselves out of their self-destructive main event mistakes.

Let me re-quote from my column from last year:

if a superstar has made a mistake in the past, and was internally punished for it .It should not mean that that superstar should stay buried. But while you could afford to do that in the past because you had a deep enough roster, you honestly cannot afford that privilege any longer. Injuries and resignations and the like will continue to plague your product.


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