WWE Really Needs to Learn Something From NXT and WWE Network



When you look at the directions WWE and its NXT brand have taken, you must surprised what a difference three years makes.

WWE, by way of Raw and Smackdown have lost about a million viewers from their constantly crumbling hardcore fanbase. NXT cannot be equally compared but besides the pay-per-view events they are arguably the biggest reason that fans even pay for the WWE Network. Add the amount of social media interaction and growing attendance figures and you have an unquestionable argument that the WWE’s efforts need to be re-evaluated.

With record-low ratings, even the easiest changes could make a significant increase of interest to their programming. Allow me to present a couple of ideas:

Get back to doing some more character building video packages:

NXT has done some excellent vignettes when it comes to rising talent. From when Finn Balor described over several weeks to Hideo Itami’s road to Wrestlemania to the buildup of Bayley vas Sasha Banks in two show-stealing matches. Several of the Brock Lesnar promos that he spoke on and some of the video pieces where we have seen someone like John Cena’s road to rehab done more often with the use of archive footage with a new interview filmed like their documentaries have always done very well. WWE Network already does this kind of stuff, so how about throwing some of their work on to the main shows for a change.

How about using those sit-down interviews and maybe filming a few more.

You’re already doing a bunch of sit down interviews for the website and the Network, starting using more of those if you’re worried about having to fill time with poorly constructed angles and parity-booked matches. Cole talking to the likes of Triple H and Kevin Owens would be great.

Shooting some more out-of-arena vignettes.

Rusev and Lana bashing in Washington DC.
Rusev and Lana bashing in Washington DC.
CM Punk taunting The Rock inside Sun Life Stadium.
CM Punk taunting The Rock inside Sun Life Stadium.
The Rock bashing John Cena in Boston.
The Rock bashing John Cena in Boston.

For the times like when the Authority was on the way to the show to Dean Ambrose arriving in a taxi and an ambulance, you’re telling me that WWE cameras can’t roam out of the arena and shoot some video a few hours before show time. When did WWE decide to stop doing this. Budget cutting like losing pyro or destroying props or vehicles i get, but getting the camera guys to shoot some footage with a producer is now too much?

That last one wasn’t so much what NXT and the WWE Network does, but it was something that WWE used to do more of on RAW and Smackdown. To close this blog post, allow me to use one more photo as an evidentiary metaphor of how WWE fails too use their stars and the current direction of their Raw and Smackdown programming. -KOP

Cody Rhodes tossing the Money in the Bank Briefcase into a river.
Cody Rhodes tossing the Money in the Bank Briefcase into a river.
Sandow nearly drowning in the river when he can’t find the briefcase.

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