WWE Payback 2016 Preview and Predictions

WWE Payback 2016 Preview and Predictions as KOP looks into the wins and losses of AJ Styles and if WWE would seriously consider crowning the TNA original as their new world champion.

WWE Payback 2016

WWE Payback 2016 Preview

AJ Styles has ramped up wins to build up for the title shot since he won the number 1 contenders fatal four-way match earlier this month. Though he lost several times to Owens and Jericho pre WrestleMania, he’s since been made #1 contender. With wins over Sheamus, Zayn, Del Rio, Owens, Ryback and Miz on TV and house matches there is enough to think that he could be a viable champ in the eyes of WWE, but KOP asks what happens after Payback.

Plus, the wonderful fantasy world of Lucha Underground, plus Ring of Honor Global Wars preview and a look at TNA planning on their annual Slammiversary PPV. Also, KOP discuss the recent passings of Chyna and a rock and roll legend, Prince.

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