WWE Network Quality Needs To Rub Off on Raw and Smackdown

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It’s becoming clearer everyday, given some of the truly exceptional work that the WWE Network has been doing with delivering some compelling wrestling content each month, how much WWE’s marquee TV shows, Monday Night Raw and Smackdown have floundered in comparison.

Raw and Smackdown are suffering from a much needed creative overhaul and to a greater extent, a reformatting of both programs. It has even caused a negative rub on Tough Enough. All of their programming on cable is not performing very well (plus given it’s the WWE off-season as I call it) there is nothing on any of these programs that are offering any kind of real momentum. This trend will only continue unfortunately because WWE will probably amp up their efforts in January for a big Wrestlemania build.

WWE Network has been lauded thanks to creativity and cost-efficiency with how they have been running NXT, and re-purposing their archived wrestling content and increasing their amount of live specials with offerings like Elimination Chamber and this weekend’s Beast in the East.

WWE Network and WWE’s RAW and Smackdown programming are running in two different directions.  I would love to know when the old guard running the cable tv products need to take a few pointers from what is going right on the WWE Network. Or maybe it’s just that WWE puts a premium to watch some quality “sports entertainment”.

It’s been six months since #CancelWWENetwork. Wonder how many WWE fans are saying that now? – KOP