WWE Injuries Makes Wrestlemania Change For Better


Wrestlemania Season is upon us, and with so many superstars are on the shelf, WWE is stuck without even their last resort options. No Rock because of movie commitments. No Batista because he’s a movie star on the rise and doesn’t need WWE ruining his mojo. No Undertaker because WWE can’t even find him a suitable high profile big money opponent. The bottom line is WWE has needed some significant shaking up at the top of the main event card, and now they have no choice, but to make some stars out of superstars they have overlooked and unappreciated.

I would not have prayed for this scenario to happen, but corporate companies like WWE can only change once they encounter chaos and their infrastructure has started to find some significant cracks.

I have been amused by the IWC (still wearing their blinders, and living in their bubble), trying to fantasy book Wrestlemania thinking that the Rock will still wrestle in order to help the event sell out in Texas this spring.

The IWC is afraid of who WWE will have face the Undertaker, and they cringe at the thought of Kevin Owens or Braun Strowman as his opponent when they would wish Sting would come back and wrestle him. Sting can go, he only has spinal stenosis.

Or how about clearing Daniel Bryan going after the world title again? So what if he has concussion problems, it shouldn’t be any excuse for him not to wrestle.

As for me, I’ll be content with the idea of Brock Lesnar challenging Roman Reigns for the World Heavyweight Title, Dean Ambrose defending the Intercontinental Title against Kevin Owens and Charlotte vs. Becky for the Divas title. Add a fun tag title match and fill the rest of the card with some really good wrestling accompanied with some compelling storylines. Legends are for the Hall of Fame. WWE needs to build some stars and now they have no choice…and I think that’s a good thing. -KOP

By KingOfPodcasts

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