WWE In Search of Wrestlemania First Aid Kit


Given the number of injured main eventer superstars out of action for the forseeable future, WWE will really have to continue to take risks and finally create some new main event stars from their existing roster.

Meanwhile, WWE needs to look at the bigger picture. They need to come to grips that no matter how much medicine and treatment each WWE Superstar can have,  no one superstar is resilient enough to handle the grueling schedule and physical toll their bodies must take week after week.

This is exactly why building more main eventers vying for the World Heavyweight title like you had during boon times like the Rock N Wrestling and Attitude Era. Writing storylines around a very small group does not work in this age of wrestling.

Unlike some out there ideas from some un-named wrestling news writers that WWE should physically have an off-season, they just need to find ways to give certain stars a break and that can only happen if you have enough stars in the main event mix to rotate in and out.

How ironic that Vince talked about running Roman Reigns into the ground by making him fight every night. Be careful what you wish for Vince! -KOP