WWE: Forget Sting vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania…Book Sting vs. Bray Wyatt


It doesn’t make sense to me anymore to have the IWC’s dream match between Sting against the Undertaker as each wrestler’s last match.

Look, I understand if its gonna burst some people’s bubble, but there are two reasons I have come to the conclusion of my headline.

First of all, everything changed with that dream match once the Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar. Taker looked like he wrestled his last match, he let the streak get snapped, and I think the way Taker decided to finish his career was to honor the time honored wrestling tradition and lose on the way out putting over the biggest bad ass in wrestling today.

Second, I believe Sting would want to follow in the same aforementioned wrestling tradition. Therefore, why sell the young and growing fanbase something that a decreasing minority (The 30-something fan that used to watch Raw and Nitro back in the 90s) would care to watch as simply a featured attraction.


So, if Sting is to eventually going to have his last match, he will do what he did as walked out the door of TNA. He will lose his last match and put  the next top wrestler over like he did with Ethan Carter III.

I think WWE can satisfy audiences young and old by giving Sting his final match at WrestleMania XXXI. His opponent should be Bray Wyatt.

Triple HHH has made it clear who are the new faces of the company going forward who are getting the most focus, the member who were once a part of the Shield and the Wyatts.

Bray Wyatt has been on auto pilot since his feud last year with John Cena. Unfortunately, his summer feud with Chris Jericho has not panned out as well. Bray Wyatt does not have a clear cut opponent that fans are clamoring to see come WrestleMania season, and he needs a good veteran opponent.

I’m sure the Stinger working with the 3rd-generation superstar star with a family tree of BlackJack Mulligan, Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda would be something he couldn’t pass up. Then add the mysterious nuances and the potential promos and ring work to come there is no doubt in my mind why this feud should not happen.

Please comment if you agree or disagree. -KOP