WWE Executes Brilliant Booking Under Pressure

roman reigns champ

Much like how the Attitude Era and the threat of WCW bear fruit to pushes for some iconic WWE superstars and memorable moments. WWE has shown some glimpses of that reputation of booking brilliance when under pressure. This “Hail Mary” of booking brilliance I feel has positioned WWE into a really good place leading into Wrestlemania season.


Vince McMahon, at his advanced age, pulled the proverbial trigger on the Roman Reigns championship run Monday. Regardless of the venue and the timing, it was the right choice to make. What a difference a year makes for Philadelphia and their response to the new World Heavyweight Champion. It makes for a great story to tell for years to come.

wyatts ecw

After the Wyatt family was buried by the Undertaker and Kane at Survivor Series, I was hesitant that this group of behemoths would ever get their heat back. Good thing that WWE reached out to some ECW originals for the TLC PPV.  Two straight nights of well orchestrated devastation have rehabilitated thew Wyatts to full strength from how I see it.

That, along with the success that continues to be NXT with their Takeover: London show and WWE somehow have started a plan that will let them stop the bleeding for now. But this type of booking brilliance needs to stay consistent, so the pressure needs to stay on. -KOP