WWE Doesnt Need to Win Over The IWC. Because The IWC Will Always Remain in Denial.


I can no longer try to defend or justify the outrage that faithful fans of their beloved and belittled WWE Superstars, with Daniel Bryan at the top of their list. WWE is not Burger King where you can “have it Your way” (If you have never heard of that cliche, Google IT!)

The Wrestlemania 31 main event with Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns) was spotlighted on RAW Monday night starting with a great respect promo and resounding endorsement from a humbled Bryan directed at Roman Reigns, followed by a fantastic “My Money is on Roman Reigns” promo by Paul Heyman.

The always vocal IWC continues to remain flat out in denial of the decisions that WWE chooses to make, incapable of realizing that in order for WWE to have a future of making and coronating new main event superstars they have to make some unpopular decisions. WWE has their own agenda, they like their type of superstars, yet it amazes me how vocal people online can be during hoping to be heard during that 1 percent of the time where WWE actually values and takes into consideration the feedback from their fans.

Anyone that tries to reason with a vocal IWC (the Internet Wrestling Community if you had to ask) supporter or any podcast host that supports and backs their collective views and opinions will ultimately fail to sway any opinion. But on the podcast I produce, I will defend and respect the right of the IWC to have their opinion, while calling out when I think the online court of public opinion is ultimately wrong with a well-thought out and supportive argument.

When it comes to making a better Wrestlemania card or a future for WWE. Whether you like it or you don’t like it., MY Money is on WWE. -KOP