WWE Brand Split 2016 … Why Now?

The IWC has been a full scale buzz over the news from WWE announcing that there will be a brand split when Smackdown goes live on Tuesday nights on the USA Network beginning July 19.

WWE Brand Split 2016

So many podcasters, news outlets and the vocal IWC have immediately gone into wishful thinking and speculation that resurrecting the beloved and then berated brand extension would be the saving grace to help WWE rise creatively their stagnant USA network offerings.

On Tuesday’s podcast I will go into depth on the implications of what will come of this without trying to blow smoke up anyone’s ass.


What I will say now is that this drastic move shouldn’t have been necessary. WWE has a role model for a quality television product that they could learn from in NXT. Why can’t the creative team look at the initial build and creation of the NXT Superstars and continue to build and incorporate their personas (and create layers of storylines around these Superstars as they make onto the main roster) instead of adding nothing more and watering down what made them initial successes.

New WWE Superstars

Besides the reasons why WWE does not need to bring back the brand extension, which I will talk about on the next podcast, WWE needs to use the LIVE Smackdown to raise the focus of some of their promising mid-card talent that they are evaluating whether to push or not push. Only with maybe the main event storyline should there be any crossover from RAW the night before.

As for the title belts, there is simply no need for new titles. The WWE World Heavyweight Title, the Womens Title and the Tag Team Titles should be defended on any program. Meanwhile, I think the US Title should be defended on RAW and the Intercontinental Title on Smackdown. If there is in fact a draft, I’m crossing fingers that Mauro Ranallo is drafted to RAW. -KOP

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