#WrestleMania35 : Christmas for #KofiKingston #BeckyLynch #SethRollins and Fans Comes Early

WrestleMania 35 is Christmas for #KofiKingston #BeckyLynch #SethRollins the WWE Universe and KOP explains they could have done better by their hardcore fanbase.

#KofiKingston conquers the #WWE Title, #SethRollins Secures Universal Gold over the Beast and has been made a top guy again.

Plus, what do these title wins mean going into Money in the Bank and how, added along with the Superstar Shakeup, WWE has effectively setup a good plan to retain fans going into the WWE off-season through SummerSlam.

Also, we look at how the fans got so much that they were hoping for and how WWE delivered most of them.

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