WWE Extreme Rules Preview: WWE Offseason Unraveling

WWE Extreme Rules Preview as KOP and Jeremy discuss how the WWE Offseason is Unraveling with World Champion Overexposure and too much Big Show and Kane, plus the health breakdown of Daniel Bryan. Plus,  TNA Tag Team Gold, SexyStar with the Save for the Hot Announcer Chick on Lucha Underground, Dalton Castle…the real ROH Diva and more. Subscribe to the Wrestling is Real Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Please support the Wrestling is Real Podcast by doing your Amazon shopping through our website, AmazonisReal.com. Portions from all purchases will go to support the show. Also, check out or archived shows, plus the latest news headlines and the Wrestling is Real Blog, as well as click on the banners and support our sponsors by going to our website, KingofPodcasts.com.