Wrestlemania 31 Post Show; Rollins New World Champ; Rusev in a Tank; Rock and Ronda Rousey


Rollins cashes in (as KOP predicted) to become New World Heavyweigh Champ; Rusev in a Tank looked great but he was not indestructable to SuperCena; Rock and Ronda Rousey punk out Steph and Triple H. Daniel Bryan wins the IC Title. Subscribe to the Wrestling is Real Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Please support the Wrestling is Real Podcast by doing your Amazon shopping through our website, AmazonisReal.com. Portions from all purchases will go to support the show. Also, check out or archived shows, plus the latest news headlines and the Wrestling is Real Blog, as well as click on the banners and support our sponsors by going to our website, KingofPodcasts.com.