Why Do WWE Off-Season Plans Keep Self-Destructing Each Year?

WWE Off-Season

Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker and Sting go away immediately after Wrestlemania, and only one hour into the Raw after Wrestlemania the WWE Off-Season begins.

The plans this year were sub-par at best, but like many in the Internet Wrestling Community, expectations take a free fall. Over the last three years alone, the Off-Season has given us main event storylines that have disappointed the IWC.  Let’s look back at the last couple of years and consider what WWE thought was the right Off-Season plan and why it ultimately made fans impatient for Wrestlemania season to come back.


We did have the constant screwjob finishes that denied the WWE Universe a “B+”Daniel Bryan a more lengthy championship run following that years Summerslam, Dolph Ziggler cashing in to win the World Heavyweight Championship (and then gets hurt) and CM Punk was feuding with those long forgotten Paul Heyman guys Ryback and Curtis Axel and then the Wyatt family. We also had ( and still have) the consistent anchor of the main event storyline in the Authority  and oh yeah we had the return of Rob Van Dam.

But what else did we have to deal with.

  • Remember Curtis Axel as the new Paul Heyman guy and those great newcomers like Xavier Woods and Los Matadores.
  • WWE fans were getting beaten over the head to download the new WWE App.
  • Sheamus and 1-800 Fella.
  • Cody Rhodes getting fired as the Authority abused their power.
  • Daniel Bryan becomes a Wyatt.


WWE Off-Season

CM Punk is gone. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns are injured during this Off-Season. Paige (making an immediate impact good or bad). John Cena became the de facto world champion, after Bryan vacates the belt before going on the shelf, because WWE had no faith in anyone else holding at that time.

But, then we had…

  •  Bo Dallas joined the roster…and the casual fan did not BO-LIEVE!
  • Adios to Alberto Del Rio
  • The Bella Twins heated (and poorly acted) sibling rivalry…. and then they patched things up!
  • Then there is the easy fix to pumping the ratings on Monday night, great guest hosts like Kathie Lee and Hoda, Kevin Hart, Jerry Springer, (and lets not forget animals like Scooby Doo and Grumpy Cat.)
  • Brie Bella playing D-list scream queen alongside Daniel Bryan escaping the clutches of Kane (before he gets hurt again.)


seth rollins kane

I guess I could talk about the first month of this Off-Season, and so far we already have Daniel Bryan potentially on the shelf, but the overexposure of Seth Rollins and the again increased use of Kane (and the recent fingerpoke of doom tribute) and Big Show in matches.  leads me to believe that this WWE Off-Season could lead to more injuries, bad storylines and an eventual return of bad guest hosts….because that is what WWE does during the Off-Season.

IWC: You can commence fantasy booking Wrestlemania 32 now. You know you want to- KOP

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