Why Cant WWE Faithful IWC Fans Be More Like Football Fans?


WWE is the Major Leagues and all other wrestling promotions are considered the minor leagues.  Baseball is commonly compared to that same analogy, but I think that is what the Internet Wrestling Community (or now jokingly being referred to as the Internet Sports Entertainment Community) has been led to believe. I think there is a smart minority among the small yet vocal minority that could be better full-time wrestling fans if they looked at wrestling how the majority of sports fans look at football.


By football, I mean American football. For those of you outside of America, sports fans young and old have an adoration with professional football (The National Football League) as much as they do college football. Established veterans performing conventionally in front of millions watching on TV and thousands watching the stands.  But, football enjoys both collegiate and professional football for separate reasons.

The NFL plays worldwide, while college football for the most part reaches a national audience for those that look for it. The players in the NFL have perfected their craft and is recognized for their establishment of veteran superstars like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Tony Romo whether we are happy to see them on top or not.


College football is full of young raw talent consumed in the traditions and comradery of diehard football fans looking to see unconventional high scoring high speed action. Sounds like TNA, Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground and some of the other Indy promotions doesn’t it.

Let me get to my point now that I have explained my analogy. In football, you find different reasons to appreciate the sport that is football. Why can’t more fans do the same (to quote Shane Douglas) the sport of professional wrestling.-KOP

By KingOfPodcasts

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