While WWE Wallows in Weak Feuds. KOP has a Legendary Solution

While WWE Wallows in Weak Feuds, KOP has a Legendary Solution. A solution to lift the company out of the ratings gutter. It’s pretty simple too!
McMahon Family

KOP was on Twitter. He read a Forbes article by Blake Oestricher and he responded with this:

I wouldn’t have a problem with Shane if he was more of a manager to build McIntyre or Elias. I’ve been saying some of the legends should come back as managers and carry the talent that cannot cut good promos. #WWE #RAW #SDLive #WWESSD #StompingGrounds.

As for the McMahon family. Vince should be made to look “out of touch” with the company direction. Hunter is the face and stuck in a
McMahon family triangle. Stephanie is left in a gray area torn between supporting her husband and her dad.

Make the scripted promos a focus. Superstars learn about last minute changes. They get last-minute scripts in their hands. Or they’re being forced to read lines that will light the fuse for some heated feuds.

I don’t see why you don’t bring back Booker T, Mick Foley, Undertaker (under legends contracts already right). I’d even recommend MVP to come back and start up stables with the stars that need some shine. and mentoring. Over arc would be the
McMahon family triangle. Anyone agree/disagree?

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