What Can Roman Reigns Do To Rise to Anyone’s Expectations?


I can only imagine, but there is now I could ever feel the overwhelming pressure that Roman Reigns must be carrying on his back to live to Vince McMahon’s expectations.

I just watched Smackdown from Thursday and witnessed another one of Roman’s cringe-worthy promos directed towards Sheamus for their upcoming TLC match. It felt so scripted, and so robotic.

While many vocal critics in the IWC choose to think that turning Reigns heel is the ultimate solution, but no one chooses to examine that there have been a few choice times where Reigns actually gets a good response. When Roman Reigns displays real emotion, anger, a chip on his shoulder to prove the world wrong.

I actually think building off of those moments and drop the coolness part of his character, he could be better received. Hey, if it causes those kids that he appeals to abandon him by dropping that John Cena like charm that WWE encourages him to have.

There are several people that Roman Reigns reacts to that are indicative as to the the type of bad ass, alpha male personality that would make him a better character, along with several traits he could instill to his in-ring persona.

brock roman

Roman Reigns actually responds like he should when he is face to face with Roman Reigns. One of his best moments in a promo situation was the snowed out Raw in January featuring the sit-down interview interruption. No one doubted that Reigns wasn’t a formidable opponent, but his push was ultimately affected by the rush of Daniel Bryan back into the main event mix.


Triple H is another person that Roman Reigns responds to the right way. So few words spoken between these two have made their interactions very effective. Now that you know the people I think help Roman, how about the things that could be done to help Roman. First of all,  Triple H must become the bain of Roman’s existence. Go Austin -McMahon in terms of hatred, and make it that Roman needs to get royally screwed more by Triple H week after week to the point to where it culminates into a head to head feud.

One last thing, Roman Reigns needs to get beaten up more. He needs to sell a lot more. Sell some “injuries”, maybe some body parts wrapped up to show some weakness only to have Reigns continue to overcome adversity and injury to make him more sympathetic. The babyface part of the Roman Reigns character needs to be more about his resilience, his in-ring aggression, and go back to the one of the sayings of one his early shirts.



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