WCW Sale to WWE : The Invasion That Went So Wrong

The WCW Sale to WWE happened 15 years ago this Saturday, and it is the best example why the WWE is not the only place a wrestler needs to be to succeed.

WCW Sale to WWE

What Vince McMahon definitely capable of is finding a great deal when it arises involving any incarnation of the former Atlanta based promotion.

  • When he was able to buy the rights from under NWA and Jim Crockett promotions to program Saturday night wrestling time slot in order to to turn over a profit to fund the first WrestleMania.
  • Being able to pick up the bones of what was left of a crumbling WCW and its extensive video library for a very low price.


I took a wrestling sabbatical from March 26th 2001 to 2005 because of the fact that although I was a very hardcore WCW WWF and ECW fan going back to the eighties.

Even back then I took that sabbatical because I had no faith whatsoever that with the influx of amazing talent from WCW that they had cherry picked from they were going to handle it wrong.  I have said in the past silver years of the wrestling is real podcast that WWE has not been the end-all-be-all where every wrestler must come into the fold at some point for the sake of the IWC’s selfish fantasies.

Without going into any details as to all of the wrestlers one by one that should have succeeded in WWF  and later WWE, the bottom line is the same as it is now, there are wrestlers that will become Superstars and will be the darlings of hardcore wrestling fans around the world regardless if they ever stepped into a WWE ring.

In the course of history over the last three decades has always had some other place to wrestle for loyal fans without that big  paycheck from WWE and they have been able to succeed and make some significant coin.


WCW and ECW might have gone away in 2001 and for years wrestling fans did not have a whole lot of variety of Wrestling promotions to watch in North America on TV. I’m very happy that that variety has now come back in the forms of TNA, Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground.

WWE will continue to bring in free agents that have succeeded elsewhere but they will continue to make the same mistakes they made when they acquired the talent from WCW and ECW you only to have been able 2 convert a handful of talent to become bonaire champion WWE Superstars and future Hall of Famers in their own right. -KOP.

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