TNA World Title Series: Can This Be The Cure to WWE Bad Creative?


I don’t think anyone could have thought that TNA actually had a good plan coming out of Bound For Glory last week, but it looks like they did…with the TNA World Title Series.

After the brief but effective EC3/ Matt Hardy injunction storyline to vacate the TNA World Heavyweight Title, the TNA World Title Series allows TNA to the Bound For Glory Series that was deemed successful in 2012 and 2013 and build it bigger using the World Cup Soccer format.


The World Title Series might be the best idea TNA has come up with ever. Here are a couple of reasons….

1. The outcome of this is totally unpredictable, like an actual sporting event. The tournament has some pretty decent names competing so far with EC3 Austin Aries and Lashley so far announced, and this leaves viewers having to look at what happens next week to learn who the remaining competitors will be. Seeing a returning Austin Aries indicates that there will be more members not on the TNA roster competing.

2 It’s surprising that TNA still had so many matches left to broadcast.  Now, the wrestling news sites are stumped looking for spoilers of matches since they never saw this event coming. At least for now, there can be no spoilers of the outcome because of how the matches are being recorded out of sync.

3. The fact that most all of TNA’s roster is being used in a significant storyline.

4. The tournament doesn’t necessarily need any real storylines. Instead each wrestler can fall back on previous feuds.

This more than I can say that the current state of the WWEs main roster. So many mid-card wrestlers (that should be used better in my opinion) are wallowing in insignificant feuds.

WWE could at least take one lesson from TNA regarding this idea.  That there should always be more than one contender for their world title at any one time. -KOP


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