TNA=Totally No Angles (or Storylines to Speak Of)

Today, I am catching up on this past Wednesday’s Impact Wrestling, the last taping from the Manhattan Center. As I watch some pretty good matches as part of the one-night New York City Gold Rush, I feel like TNA and their Impact Wrestling program is preparing to come to an end.

All of the tapings from New York City turned out to be pretty well received. We got nothing but matches and very little on storylines. The storylines we did have coming into New York have finished their run. Bound for Glory feels more like an obligated PPV to perform than their biggest event of the year.

Now, maybe if TNA gets a new TV deal for 2015 from a smaller cable channel with less money coming to them, maybe the company is helping viewers to handle the phasing out of TNA as we have remembered it.

The in-ring product as basic and as vanilla as it is, has been fun to watch. But, I hate the feeling I get when i watch TNA in a lame duck state. Maybe Ill feel better once we learn where this company will end up next year. -KOP