TNA After the Hogan/Bischoff Era: You’re Getting Better!…. But!

Hogan/Bischoff Era

Whether its John Gaburick, Bob Ryder, Rob Conway or whichever group of people are handling the programming and creative duties at TNA, I give them credit for making real attempts at building and shaping new talent and delivering more compelling feuds and storylines.

BUT, when TNA does a significantly good job at building their Lockdown PPV Sunday, the last two matches still keep me shaking my head.


It’s obvious that Magnus, Gunner and Ethan Carter III are being looked at as the future of the company with the help of of a lean and mean roster of great veteran talent in Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Samoa Joe, and others.

Bringing in some solid free agents to the tag team division (the Wolves) and the X-Division (the returning Kenny King, Senada, Tigre Uno), and TNA is going in a really good direction.

TNA is finally going back to what they were doing back in 2005 when Impact became a nationally-televised wrestling show. Veterans mixed in working with some young up-and-coming talent, only difference is we don’t have to see Jeff Jarrett hold the heavyweight title.

Now, I have to be negative because all is not perfect in Dixieland. Magnus’ title run has been kept weak with all of the constant overbooked finishes where he has been helped to win every title match. Hopefully, MVP’s on-air control of the company will change that.


Overbooking is a constant in every TNA PPV, BUT the title match with Magnus and Joe, specifically the Abyss interference was ridiculous. While I could get into a Abyss vs. Joe feud Did this really have to happen on the PPV, instead of during say a Lockdown world title rematch on tonight’s Impact Wrestling program.

Then, although I would be interested in a Bobby Roode/ Bully Ray program, BUT why would Dixie pick Ray to be the guest referee in the Lethal Lockdown match.

If TNA could play some more caution and keep up with continuity in their storylines, then you will get me to enjoy all the new feuds. Heck, I’ve enjoyed EC3’s confrontations with Sting and Angle, plus and Samuel Shaw creepy bastard character is entertaining and you’ve made Mr. Anderson relevant again.

Now that you are well past the storylines that you inherited post Hogan and Bischoff, let’s keep that slow build to being a better #2 wrestling company.  -KOP