Thoughts and Questions Before NXT Moves To USA Network

KOP runs through thoughts and questions he wants answers to before NXT moves To USA Network LIVE every starting Wednesday, September 18th.


NXT has been a loss leader since the re-introduction at Full Sail. This move was eventually going to happen.  KOP considers how this could help AEW and the major Indies in the long run. Below are some of the many thoughts and questions we ponder.

  • Can Mauro Ranallo’s mental health sustain doing 2 hours a week Live. Did we forget how he crashed doing Smackdown Live?
  • A number of mid-card stars could make their way down there and really be used as enhancement talent.
  • Why did USA Network decide to take on a second WWE show after losing one of them? What was the deal that was made for WWE to move that show?
  • Are they going to allow the Orlando crowd to dictate the focus of NXT every week? Is the show going on the road and leaving Orlando?
  • Will developmental talent be given less spotlight in favor of veterans?
  • The NXT roster will increase with overfill of the main roster creating a land of misfits.
  • Will WWE’s Performance Center signees get left off NXT because of the exposure? 
  • Why not stop 205 Live and bring that talent to the NXT roster?
  • Are the women on this roster going to get slighted?
  • Will more stories start getting told badly with the inclusion of corporate creative?
  • What is the chance that there be less pre-tape material shot?
  • Is Full Sail still assisting in production or taking an aside?
  • Could NXT ultimately fail and fold and then we get something like FCW again?

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