There’s Enough Room On Top For Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns


An interesting crowd reaction for Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns from a down-the-middle WWE Universe in Columbus, Ohio on Monday night. Bryan got a strong response and Reigns got a Cena-like mixed response, but nevertheless got a response.


Much like the lack of detail WWE storylines have with their short attention span to recent history sometimes, so does the IWC. Daniel Bryan is the IWC’s IT Guy no doubt, and there will always be a place for him as a champion in WWE in the same light as Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.


But instead of pushing to break the conformity of the WWE’s corporate establishment, the IWC should come to grips on reality. There are examples in every in-ring sport, whether it be WWE, Boxing or the UFC where there are heavyweights who are heavyweight champions, and exceptions to the rule. Brock Lesnar or Daniel Bryan, Mike Tyson or Lennox Lewis, or Brock Lesnar or Chris Weidman, there are athletes in each of those sports big or small with different skill sets that they bring into the main event picture in their own right.

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns

I ask the IWC to look at the big picture and cheer for the future stars of this business, that’s what more important than anything. -KOP