The Smartest Thing WWE Has Done to Help Grow the WWE Network

WWE Network

To help make a few dollars for the podcast, I signed up earlier this year for the WWE’s affiliate program. An affiliate program means that WWE has authorized me and thousands of other website owners to promote their WWEShop merchandise by putting up banners on my website.

For every person that clicks through one of their website banners and buys something from WWEShop, that website owner gets a little kick back of commission. All these authorized “affiliates” will invest time and money to get that commission and WWE shares in the profits. For WWE, it’s a great way to sell their merchandise as effectively as they do at their house shows.

They have been forward thinking when they got heavy into social media and then with their digital platform. Now, with this new marketing in their arsenal, I predict that they will reach 1 million North American subscribers by the end of 2015.-KOP