The Anonymous Raw General Manager: Did Someone Write WWE To Bring This Gimmick Back?

Anonymous Raw General Manager

We cannot erase the last 5 minutes of Monday Night RAW from Indianapolis. I’m still shaking my head trying to get the iPhone text message sounder blaring over and over out of my head.

Why is the WWE Universe being subjected to this eyesore of a gimmick once again. Does this mean Michael Cole will return to his heel character and his clear box? Are we seriously supposed to have short term memory on how Hornswoggle was discovered to be behind the Macbook Pro?

I think the IWC is being punished for not accepting the fact that WWE always wants to have a heel authority figure on television. If that’s the case, please drop this gimmick after Cyber Monday (which I hope is the only reason the poduim was brought back for a week.) and bring back Big Johnny and People Power! -KOP