Takeaways from TNA Moving to Destination America

Congratulations TNA! Things could have seriously gotten worse.

Not many promotions get a second chance especially in the world of professional wrestling. The only one I can think of was the resurrection of ECW by WWE and we saw how that went.

Although Spike TV had a wider clearance on cable and satellite, Destination America will promote the debut of Impact Wrestling with the marketing power of the parent company of the Discovery Channel.

DAM will offer Impact Wrestling a second replay of the show and the fact they get run additional programming (as in maybe Explosion will be on TV here and it will get retooled).

Now, let’s look beyond the TV positives. TNA gets a month off to hopefully fix some things. It’s what they have to do. No more Hogans and Bischoffs or Russos or Jarretts to bring in their agenda. It’s time for TNA to start storylines over. Good luck TNA, see you in January-KOP