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#AllIn Delivers Stellar Supershow, Solidifies Major Indie Movement

#AllIn Delivers a Stellar Supershow That Solidifies the Major Indie Movement, capped off with Cody going full circle with his father by winning the NWA Championship.

KOP runs through the highlights that included a surprise appearance by Chris Jericho, some pure fun and some dream matches that the crowd couldn’t get enough of.

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Royal Rumble Preview: Rollins Reaping Rewards of Big Push

KOP WIR ITUNES 2015-300Royal Rumble Preview: Rollins Reaping Rewards of Big Push; What About Brock, Bryan And Cena at Wrestlemania, how does the Rumble match and the WWE Heavyweight Title match work out for them; AJ Styles, Young Bucks and Alberto El Patron: Why Wrestlers Don’t Need WWE To Succeed; TNA brings us the Beat Down Clan. Four Way Title match set for Ring of Honor 13th Anniversary.

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AJ Styles, Young Bucks & Alberto El Patron: Why Wrestlers Don’t Need WWE To Succeed


Above you see AJ Styles, The Young Bucks and Alberto (Del Rio) El Patron, but you already know who they are.

Styles and the Bucks in 2014 collectively showed us that, while WWE looked at them all as developmental talent, they are some of the best performers outside of WWE (even arguably better than more than half of their talent roster) AND they were able to earn a respectable level of financial success.

Alberto El Patron found himself back on TV in Ring of Honor this week, and reportedly turned down a considerable $400,000 contract with limited dates with TNA instead to sign with Lucha Underground.

To those WWE Superstars in MidCard Purgatory ( the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Cesaro) and those in NXT looking to be called up (Finn Balor, Hideo Itami, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Adrien Neville), remember that you are all superstars, but WWE isn’t the only place where you can be a wrestling superstar. -KOP