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WWE Superstar Mass Exodus Hysteria Needs to Be a Corporate Wake-Up Call

WWE Superstar Mass Exodus Hysteria Needs to create a Corporate Wake-Up Call. KOP runs through a slew of stories raising brows.

WWE Off-season

Neville, Austin Aries, and Jimmy Jacobs are on the way out, but could Nia Jax and the 205 Live cruiserweights leave to greener indie pastures?

Plus, less GFW in your Impact Wrestling, the future of Lucha Underground and the best offseason stars in 2017.

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Comments on the 9 WWE Superstars and Divas Released Today

If you didn’t ready yet, WWE.com reported the WWE has come to terms on the release of the following Superstars and Diva as of today, June 12, 2014. Allow me to make a few comments regarding these releases….

  • Drew McIntyre-The Chosen One, as he was once named by Vince McMahon, was made an afterthought after Tiffany aka Taryn Terrell made her violent exit from her marriage with Drew and was given her WWE pink slip. Big disappointment who was not used properly. TNA or ROH should look at bringing him in to their fold.


  • Jinder Mahal- Never saw the appeal

  • Aksana- Unlike XBOXOne Chuck’s opinion, Aksana is not fat. She was slightly interesting dating Cesaro and then Teddy Long but this diva had not much else to go with her beauty.

  • Curt Hawkins- Give some credit for longevity. THink this is another guy WWE didn’t know how to utilize him. This guy should get called by TNA or ROH.

  • Theodore R. Long- Call it like it’s his retirement. This former referee and manager had a legendary career and should be a future WWE Hall of Fame Inductee someday.

  • Camacho- Saddled with a bad gimmick and there’s no way he was going to recover from it.

  • Brodus Clay-Was NEVER used properly. Should have a big monster heel. Too bad.

  • Evan Bourne- What have you done for WWE lately. After the wellness slip-ups and the motorcycle accident, it was time to unload Evan, no matter how talented he is. He’ll be fine back on the indys.

  • Yoshi Tatsu- Jimmy Wang Yang and Funaki’s replacement had a long run. Go to NJPW or Wrestling 1 and be taken serious again.


Late note: JTG was also released, but he knew it was coming.