The WWE Creative Crisis of 2019: What’s the Real Problem?

KOP outlines the WWE Creative Crisis of 2019: What’s the Real Problem that WWE is choosing not to resolve. Can they fix this by October?

Before recording the show I dictated the following notes:

WWE is very bad right now, but we remember what WCW was like at the end of its run.

WWE had a plan when they were going to lose the star power that carried them to WrestleMania. In December, the McMahons planted the seeds by promising to give the fans what they want. They crowned champions that fans are behind but their opponents have become mostly the people we don’t want to see them work with. Storylines are weak at best. The lackluster effort being made for their respective pushes are bad because these are not the people that WWE wanted to push. That’s why the current champions are mostly mediocre across-the-board.

The past post-Wrestlemania gimmicks of celebrity guest hosts, Vince McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania and guest general managers are over. WWE has nothing to cover the lack of main talent because they have kept wrestlers on the same level.

No doubt, WWE has brought in incredible talent into NXT. No doubt, Hunter is trying to bring in the best free agents. But, these are absolutely not the people that Vince wants. NXT talent does not fit the classic mold of WWE Superstars who are bigger, stronger and larger than life.

All the wrestlers can validate being in WWE because they’re getting the big league rub by being in WWE. Even if it’s at a bad point. They are looking at joining the major independents someday.

But, now they believe there is a legitimate alternative to WWE. That there is a new promised land of big-time wrestling. Today, when a wrestler wants to come back to a major wrestling promotion after working in the major independents, they will come in with a chip on their shoulder. But, they are not going to opt right away to WWE. They might choose instead to choose AEW.

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