Why WWE Globalization is The Cause For WWE Off-Season Fan Frustrations

KOP helps WWE Fans deal with their WWE Off-season frustrations by explaining why WWE Globalization is The Cause For WWE Fans Off-Season Woes.

WWE Globalization

KOP explains WWE’s plan for world domination. WWE shared during their Business Summit to their shareholders the success that hey has achieved.

Plus, we point out who is being properly pushed in WWE, and we explain why everything is happening leading up to #Evolution, WWE Super Showdown and (Clap! Clap!) WWE Crown Jewel!

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5 Weeks After WrestleMania 33: WWE Off-season Has Gone Nowhere

5 Weeks After WrestleMania 33, the infamous WWE Off-season (which I have spoken about on the podcast since day one) has gone nowhere. How quickly we have gotten here.

WWE Off-season

Before I begin, allow me to apologize for not having blogged so much in the last 6 months. When the WWE Network started cranking out two brand PPVs a month, I just thought blog posts on top of 6 shows a month would have been a lot to ingest. But, I have chosen to start blogging once I started seeing the creative plunge that has befallen WWE with the latest edition of the WWE off-season.

The WWE off-season I usually refer to is the period of time in May and June following the hangover of hype that comes from WrestleMania. For the last few years, WWE has used several gimmicks to prolong that Wrestlemania hangover hype, from special guest stars to drafts and the brand split, to debuts of free agents and NXT call-ups.

This year’s gimmick was the Superstar Shakeup on April 10th and 11th. Since that week, the weekly TV ratings have plummeted week after week.

Business is booming for the WWE. WWE Network subscriptions exceed 1.5 million, and they net profited overall a billion dollars in Network, Television, Live Event, Venue Merchandise, and WWE Shop in 2016.  Therefore the priority  in delivering compelling and stimulating television if only for a few months does not phase the company.

Let me stop playing the devil’s advocate, the future of WWE is determined in the success they make with their talent. Once part-timers like John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Chris Jericho stop entering the ring, will the WWE have the full-time wrestlers that will competently take their place?

WWE Roster Injuries

That’s the answer I’m waiting on WWE to answer. That answer should essentially be worked on during the WWE Off-season. But, with the amount of injuries sustained due to an exhausting workload for their top-tier talent, and the utter lack to creativity, continuity and compelling storytelling overall, WWE continues to live for now and not think ahead for the future.

You CANNOT sustain record revenues and keep them strong in all segments of your company without have the talent you can market for the Network, Television, Live Event, Venue Merchandise, and the WWE Shop. Maybe someday you’ll finally think about your history and how you are doomed to repeat it. -KOP