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Major Independents Making Major Waves On Eve of WWE Extreme Rules

Major Independents Making Major Waves Despite WWE Dominance as KOP looks at the state of ROH, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, MLW and NJPW and how the promotions are working together for mutual benefit.

Major Independents

We look back the NJPW G1 Special, and we look forward at Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary.

Plus, WWE Extreme Rules is previewed, and we look at the absence of Brock Lesnar from TV, and the implications it creates for the upcoming Bobby Lashley/ Roman Reigns feud. Plus, KOP makes his predictions.

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WWE Extreme Rules Post: Seth Rollins is Officially Edge


WWE Extreme Rules Post: Seth Rollins is Officially Edge; No More Need For Big Show, Kane or Extreme Rules PPVs. Big Show is Booked into the exact same finish of his previous Last Man Standing match. Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper booked into a needless match. Subscribe to the Wrestling is Real Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Please support the Wrestling is Real Podcast by doing your Amazon shopping through our website, AmazonisReal.com. Portions from all purchases will go to support the show. Also, check out or archived shows, plus the latest news headlines and the Wrestling is Real Blog, as well as click on the banners and support our sponsors by going to our website, KingofPodcasts.com.


Enough With Extreme Rules: Time to Scale Down the Hardcore Matches

Hardcore Matches

I post that title because the hardcore matches we see so often on TV happen just to have a reason to have a hardcore match more than they are a blowoff to a hot feud. Extreme Rules has become an event, much like WWE having Hell in a Cell and Tables, Ladders and Chairs or TNA having Hardcore Justice and Lockdown, that are just unnecessary in this day of wrestling.



Back when I use to watch Raw and Nitro during the Monday Night Wars, I never missed a late night episode of ECW on Sunshine Network on Saturday nights at 2am. My VCR was always set to record for the nights I went out so I would never miss it.  At that time, all of the hardcore matches i saw on that show and on their PPVS were shocking because we had never seen those kind of matches. Plus, there was a time where TV was really sensationalized.

Now, it’s safe to say the bulk of wrestling fans have become desensitized to all of the chair and ladder shots we see wrestlers still take today.  I’m not getting on the concussion soap box or anything but when I see a hardcore match announced it makes me think the wrestlers (or their bookers) are booked in this because they are unable to tell a good story or perform a great match. The Bram vs. Abyss feud in TNA and the Broadway Brawl and Hamptons Hardcore matches with Damien Sandow vs. Dolph Ziggler last year come to my mind.


I don’t think all of the gimmick pay per views (or special events on WWE Network) need to go away, but the hardcore matches are outdated. Book an important steel cage match once in a while, but enough of Extreme Rules, please. -KOP