WWE Creative Challenges En Route to Extreme Rules

WWE faces ongoing Creative Challenges En Route to Extreme Rules this weekend. Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff are waiting in the wings. Waiting to make their constructive creative changes to Raw and SmackDown Live.

They have approximately three months to get their respective projects in line. Podcasters, wrestling journalists and the entire internet wrestling community are impatient for change. Everyone wants things to change and get better now. It’s because there’s no reason in their minds why WWE can’t straighten things out with their resources and talent right away.

KOP tries to weigh in on all the feedback and the changes being made. He also previews WWE Extreme Rules, the Evolve 10th Anniversary and AEW Fight for the Fallen. He also celebrates MLW creating their first ever pay-per-view in November.

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AEW Double or Nothing or WWE Creative Next to Nothing?

AEW Double or Nothing or WWE Creative Next to Nothing? KOP explains both sides of that question. How will both companies answer the call?

Competition is finally here and it couldn’t come at a better time. KOP talks about the importance of AEW to show that AllIn was not a fluke.

KOP previews and predicts the matches for AEW Double or Nothing. He also proclaims how WWE cannot get a creative pass any longer. Fans should no longer stay complacent about the deteriorating product.

We also reflect on the passing of Ashley Massaro, an update on Ric Flair and Super Showdown. Ashley is survived by her 18-year old daughter Lexi. You can help support her through The Ashley Massaro’s Daughter’s Educational Fund

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