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WWE Clash of Champions Changes Little; ROH Final Battle 2017 Recap

WWE Clash of Champions Changes Little as Dolph Ziggler wins US Gold and nothing more, plus Dalton Castle wins the World Title in our ROH Final Battle 2017 Recap.

WWE Clash of Champions

We look more into why Daniel Bryan got to officiate the featured tag team match with Owens/Zayn and Owens/Nakamura, and what is his involvement really leading to.

Plus, we review ROH’s Final Battle 2017 that features a new ROH World Champion in Dalton Castle and a renewed promise for success in ROH after a successful restructuring of roster and presentation.


WWE Creative on Auto-Pilot; Paige and Her Courageous Comeback

WWE Creative on auto-pilot with WrestleMania season in waiting, plus Paige shares her courageous comeback story.


KOP does a sample recap of the state of both show in off-season mode. Plus Impact Wrestling goes full Canadian, we preview Clash of Champions and KOP follows up on how much money WWE is making.

**NOTE**I ran out of time to record to go over part 2 of the 2017 Year in Review, plus discuss more Clash of Champions and ROH Final Battle so look for an additional episode later this week.

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WWE Clash of Champions : Roman Reigns Risen to Level of John Cena

KOP reviews WWE Clash of Champions and how new United States Champion Roman Reigns has Risen to Level of John Cena.

WWE Clash of Champions

Plus, we notice how most of the championship matches (although pretty good overall) gave us few title changes. Plus  we analyze the overkill of keeping up and watching the buildup and follow through of two WWE PPVs a month.

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