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WWE Battleground: Punjabi Prison Match Was Made To Go Viral in India

Recap of WWE Battleground, where the Punjabi Prison Match was made to go viral in India.

Kevin Owens wins back the US Belt and the New Day wins the SmackDown tag titles on a PPV that did feel flat.

WWE Abandoning Attitude Era Fans? Punjabi Prison A WWE Battleground

WWE Abandoning Attitude Era Fans? KOP explains why social media and how we consume our entertainment has made WWE change for younger viewers.

WWE Money Machine

Plus, our WWE Battleground Preview featuring a Punjabi Prison and Fatal 5-Way contenders match, more on Paige and the Perro and a couple WWE and Lucha Underground veterans are apparently GFW-bound.

WWE Battleground 2016 Recap: Detecting Draft Direction

It’s our WWE Battleground 2016 Recap. Although the card was good, KOP and XB1C start Detecting Draft Direction and how RAW and SmackDown will pan out. 

WWE Battleground 2016
Courtesy: WWE

We praise the Sami Zayn / Kevin Owens feud that has been so fun to watch, regardless of the lack buildup WWE Creative has offered them since NXT. Plus, which guys need to get main event pushes now that the brand split is in place.

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