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WWE WrestleMania Season Planning; RoadBlock: End of the Line Preview

WWE WrestleMania Season Planning discussed as rumors of a Shawn Michaels/ AJ Styles Royal Rumble dream match surface. Plus, we also preview RoadBlock: End of the Line. [metaslider id=2097] KOP asks what has been accomplished this WWE off-season. Kevin Owens’ eventual breakup with Chris Jericho and Seth Rollins eventual match

Wrestlemania Season Starts Off Like S***; Wrestle Kingdom a Winner

Wrestlemania Season Starts Off Like S*** as Chuck and KOP discuss the poor use of John Cena, the ridiculous return of the Authority. Plus, Wrestle Kingdom is a Winner and KOP recaps why the show was so good. We also preview the returns of Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. If