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WWE Gets TNA Video Library. TNA Gets to Rebrand. Great News!

Forbes reports WWE is reportedly set to purchase the TNA video library while TNA will rebrand under new owner Billy Corgan. This is great news!

TNA Video Library
(Credit: pitchfork.com)

KOP talks about how he made the suggestion several weeks ago gives everyone (Vince McMahon, Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan) what they want. Plus, we preview and predict WWE No Mercy and KOP shares his concern about Hurricane Andrew and its path towards South Florida and the studios.

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WWE Problems and Injuries Plague Wrestlemania Season

WWE Problems and Injuries continue to plague the already rattled promotion as it makes its way to closer to their biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania 32.

WWE Problems

First, let’s give the story as first reported by PWInsider.com:

WWE star Titus O’Neil was sent home from last night’s Smackdown taping in Portland, Oregon shortly after he arrived. The word we are getting is that O’Neil has been suspended for unprofessional conduct.
During the ending of Monday’s Raw taping in Seattle, Washington, a number of WWE personalities and staff were assembled on the stage in honor of the retiring Bryan Danielson.

At the end of that segment, which aired on Raw before going live on the WWE Network, Danielson returned to the locker room after passing through the center of the assembled WWE personnel.

As WWE talents returned to the back, O’Neill grabbed WWE owner Vince McMahon by the arm in what was described to us as in a “playful, physical way.” McMahon responded by shoving O’Neil away. McMahon’s shove of O’Neill actually made it onto the final seconds of the broadcast.

Then there’s the part about Titus O’ Neil good friend (who helped recruit Titus into the WWE) Dave Batista who offered some advice:

I did something better! I called @TitusONeilWWE and told him to ask to be released. #onelifehttps://t.co/ileACzeB8j

— Dave Bautista (@DaveBautista) February 11, 2016

Completely overshadowed from all of this was the fact that Daniel Bryan (due to injury by the way) announced his retirement minutes before the arm grabbing incident.

I’m sorry, but Vince McMahon might under a lot of pressure but penalizing O’ Neil for what really looks to a minor infraction perceived as disrespecting the WWE Chairman.

Vince McMahon and the WWE have to get a grip on intimidating their contracted talent, and give them some room to breathe, instead of trying to make examples of them. -KOP

The Leaked WWE Announcer Notes: Anyone Really Surprised By This?


Above are the eight leaked pages that WWE Lead Announcer Michael Cole follows for every broadcast that he prepares for. These are the standards and practices that he abides by regardless if he has Vince McMahon, Triple H or others producing the show and speaking to him and the other announcers at ringside by ear.

Though I don’t necessarily disagree with any of the directives listed, it’s no wonder that so many WWE fans cannot stand the announcers for their endless schilling of products and internal promotions, let alone the style of storytelling that we have to suffer alongside a mediocre TV product during the WWE Off-season.

The bottom line is what can you expect from a corporate entity that is micro-managed at the very top with one true decision maker who might be not be as sharp on knowing what’s best for business like he did at the pinnacle of promotion’s success in the late 90s.

But this corporate grip on creativity is minuscule in comparison to the bigger issues inside of Titan Towers from talent to creative to their television product. The bad news is this stale delivery and presentation of the WWE product only happens to be most evident on their cable offerings. Going back to my last post, maybe the corporate brass will take a closer look to what is actually going right on their most important investment, the WWE Network, and mirror some of what is effectively working.

Until then, allow me to quote Michael Cole one night after coming back to commercial saying, “Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, more of the same here, folks.”-KOP