WWE NXT Post Brand Split Infiltrated by Impact Zone

WWE NXT, following the WWE Brand Split, has been infiltrated by the Impact Zone. But, I have to expose the WWE Universe and their TNA Double Standard. 

WWE NXT Post Brand Split

I guess for the loyal Orlando wrestling fans they probably don’t mind traveling 30 minutes south down I-4 to see some familiar faces in a new territory.  Guess the same applies to WWE NXT when they chose to bring aboard a trio of former TNA world champions.

I do not dispute or disagree with the move whatsoever. What I do have an issue with is how WWE fans and the WWE in general and their constant and incessant trashing of TNA.

WWE has brought in Samoa Joe and made him their current champion. Austin Aries followed by Bobby Roode made their debuts this year in NXT following the recent TNA talent exodus.

aries and roode

Now, it is one thing to have these TNA all stars come aboard to re-establish and help enhance the WWE’s prized developmental talent, but the talent they could have worked with was quickly called up thanks to the brand split.

So incredible that WWE does not recognize TNA, yet they basically use Joe, Aries and Roode as the self same characters they played in TNA…down to their monikers.  The IWC and the NXT Universe would normally look down on these wrestlers for the company where they honed their craft and made their name, but they completely forget about that stigma just because they are now signed with WWE.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but I just find that hypocritical. Nevertheless, Joe, Aries and Roode deserve to be in NXT and they are totally worthy of a spot on the main roster. But, the fact that there have no significant stories or additional layers to their individual characters, they would called up only to be made inferior if they did. Just watch AJ Styles after his feud with John Cena and see if WWE will eventually bury him. -KOP


WWE Creative Could Learn Something From TNA and Lucha Underground

WWE Creative Could Learn Something From TNA and Lucha Underground.

WWE Creative

The WWE brand split is only a few weeks old. So far, from early indications it has not caused a dent in the ratings as it was intended.

For now the WWE universe has been sedated with the idea that the brand split has created fresh matchups, new titles and more opportunities for missed favorites.

The Summerslam card looks very promising with a very stacked card, but it still suffers from the same problems that the brand split was supposed to solve.

While there have been some tweaks to the RAW and SmackDown TV programs, minimal changes like shuffling the announcers, rearranging the set, and adjusting a few camera angles do not constitute creative changes.

This exposes the same problem that I have been ranting about for years. Creating compelling storylines in order to build talent.

Whether you like TNA or Lucha Underground or not, their programming has been creative in significantly separate ways.

I hate to burst the bubble of the WWE purists but you have to admit that throughout this summer, TNAs The Final Deletion has proven to surpass any hype or buzz that the WWE brand split was supposed to create.


Year to year, TNA has been able to use a story that accidentally revived the career of Matt Hardy and give new life to his sibling rivalry with Jeff Hardy.

This storyline has helped viewers come back to watch the show and improve the weekly viewership. EC3, Mike Bennet, Eli Drake, Beam, Rosemary and Sienna are now the fresh faces that have started to make loyal TNA fans forget that they lost Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Bobby Ride and others to the likes of NXT. Each of the above mentioned now have well developed feuds, and storylines with real emotion and depth.


As for Lucha Underground, they have already been paving the way on how to create stories and make their wrestlers no matter their size or skill set bigger than life. What other wrestling show gives us cliffhangers, and supernatural,  sci-fi out of this world characters you would only see in a big budget movie or comic book. Oh, their viewership almost doubled from season 1 to season 2.

This is a time where WWE must learn that you can’t just rely on fans watching your shows because you shuffled the deck and you’re live more often. Ask yourself this question folks, if you still had spoilers for the outcomes of these shows, would you still be compelled to watch and encourage more to watch with you? -KOP