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WWE: Why Is Seth Rollins The Only One Getting The Decent Push?

As of the posting of this article, Seth Rollins is celebrating his 200th day holding the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Since June 2nd, Seth Rollins has been given the best push of any up and coming WWE Superstar. Can anyone really say the same about his former Shield brethren, Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns? Can we also say the same about their former rivals, the other up-and-coming three-man faction that split four months later in the Wyatt family.

I remember how I finally thought that WWE had delivered us some great signs that the future of the company was finally coming to fruition, and that by Wrestlemania XXXI, these two teams would bring a long and exciting feud to its end.

But then, CM Punk was officially fired and Daniel Bryan was injured and diagnosed to be out of action until 2015. But WWE has the Wyatts and the Shield. The breaking up of either of these teams has only benefited Seth Rollins.

Looking back, the WWE offseason saw the indescribable breakup of the Wyatts and Roman Reigns going on the shelf. Ambrose got to face Rollins to give the WWE Universe a feud we did like but started, stopped and then ended very quickly. Wyatts were taken off tv for a month followed by some horrible returns by each member of the Wyatt Family.

Through all of the misuse of five of the hottest young WWE Superstars ever to come out of NXT,  only Seth Rollins has thrived.

Politics, favoritism, call it whatever corporate bullshit caused this huge fail, we are now in the start of Wrestlemania season. 75 days till the biggest wrestling event of the year, and only Seth Rollins looks like he is set to get over as a main eventer, and he looks like he will be the only one this Wrestlemania season at a time when WWE needs to have young stars made to claim the proverbial brass ring. -KOP

Evolution vs. The Shield; TNA Put Up For Sacrifce

KOP WIR ITUNES 2015-300Evolution vs. The Shield; TNA Put Up For Sacrifce: Vince Russo Back; ROH PPV;  Impact Taking in Eric Young’s title reign. Enough of Moon River, and Audrey Hepburn who weighs 20 pounds soaking wet scarfing down Dove Dark Chocolate Squares. Lots of kid friendly, Hornswoggle vs El Torito, Toys R US, Fandango vs Santino
Emma with her own cobra, going way too jokey. Could Renee Young be lured by ESPN. Cesaro has new Scott Steiner like music. My client Brock Lesnar ….yadda yadda. Vs RVD.

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Reality of a New Era in WWE is here; Post- WrestleMania Crowds Wake Up


WrestleMania XXX served as the turning point of WWE. The change at the top is imminent. The plans out in place several years ago with the new WWE Performance Center and the revamp of their developmental NXT division has started to reap some profitable rewards.

The John Cena”measuring stick” promo Friday night in Smackdown could not have explained it better.


The coming out party for Bo Dallas, Paige, Alexander Rusev and Adam Rose in front of the Raw after WrestleMania crowd was amazing, but now its time for not just the smart crowds.

So I’m calling out to WWE fans in Birmingham (Alabama), Baltimore, Louisville, St. Louis, Greenville, Knoxville and Indianapolis. Start catching up on your NXT, and open your eyes  to the new “reality”.

Undertaker and CM Punk are probably not coming back, Brock Lesnar will probably take some time off and the likes of Big Show, Kane and Mark Henry cannot stay on top anymore. So, let’s get behind all these new stars. Keep the cheers loud and deafening for Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, the Shield and the Wyatt Family, and get these NXT folks over.-KOP