I Haven’t Given Up on TNA Yet…Here’s 3 Reasons Why

ec3 jeff hardy tyrus

I know! That headline surprised the hell out of me too, but when I look at the state of WWE RAW and Smackdown I can’t help but see several things going on with Impact Wrestling that has kept my attention. Let me list them for you.

1. EC3 earning the services of Jeff Hardy as his assistant

jeff hardy ec3 suit

Matt Hardy’s championship rematch loss to EC3 activated a made stipulation where EC3 was able to make Jeff Hardy his assistant. Last Wednesday, Jeff was made to hold a sign with EC3’s head, and now this week he is made to wear a suit with EC3’s face. Add the humility, and the bossing around of Hardy, and Ethan Carter III is playing the cocky, arrogant, diabolical and dictatorial heel persona with near perfection. I would argue that EC3 is right now the most compelling World Heavyweight Champion among the 3 main North American promotions. Jeff Hardy is being used effectively while still recovering from his major leg injury, so this main event storyline has to be looked at as a win-win.

2.The TNA Knockout Championship Storyline


I don’t really know how much Billy Corgan has played a creative role with the TNA Knockouts, but they have stayed very prominent and positive in comparison with the WWE Divas Revolution with two solid and compelling storylines. As of Wednesday night, Gail Kim has reclaimed the TNA Knockouts title, and she has some pretty good contenders in Brooke, Awesome Kong and then you add Kong’s foil in Lei’d Tapa and we have seen some pretty good matches.

3. Beautiful People vs. The Dollhouse

beautiful peopledollhouse tna

The Dollhouse has been a stable of some beautiful “Mean Girls” being controlled by a surprisingly good heel in Taryn Terrell. The dynamic of an ongoing feud against the original mean girls of TNA who have reformed again as The Beautiful People. This storyline has some legs and you could run with this well past Bound for Glory.

One last thing I must mention, is how amazed I am that TNA has orchestrated yet another stay of TV cancellation. TNA has negotiated with Destination America to continue programming on the cable channel through January 2016 to find a new TV home once again.

With WWE in the shape that it is in on Cable TV itself, it’s now more important than ever to have some alternatives to feed our wrestling fix. -KOP


TNA Slammiversary XIII- Jeff Jarrett Books His Crowning

TNA Slammiversary TNA Slammiversary

Jeff Jarrett books His crowning by getting in the guitar shot, the Stroke and showcasing his mermaid-clad wife to become King of the Mountain for the fourth time. TNA Trainwrecks Slammiversary… a PPV Tradition in too many ways. Bad finishes throughout and all the good matches are booked for television.

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