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WWE Versus the Independent Circuit…Survivor Series or Survival?

We’re weighing the argument of wrestlers making a livelihood in WWE vs the independent circuit. KOP lays out the argument and makes his case.

Plus, a lot of fallout from Impact Wrestling leading up to Bound For Glory 2017. Plus, feuds sprout on social media and a slew of WWE updates.

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Besides WWE Title Tournament, Seth Rollins Succumbs to Mid Size Main Eventer Stereotype


Aside from the ongoing WWE World Title Tournament for the newly vacated title, Seth Rollins Succumbs to Mid Size Main Eventer Stereotype with an inevitable injury due to the pressure WWE put on him.  Also, what does WWE decide to do with the belt, and why if anyone but Roman Reigns becomes champion, they will be solely transitional.

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WWE: Forgotten How to Do Long Term Booking, Even for John Cena


On the January 6th episode of the Wrestling is Real podcast, I questioned just where WWE is going with Wrestlemania plans… which normally start up around Royal Rumble time.

Instead, the first RAW of 2015 gets a 3pm re-writing by Vince himself, only to revert back to the pre-Survivor Series storyline where basically we see how things would have turned out if Team Authority would have won the 5-on-5 match.

Now, John Cena is pulled into the Authority storyline feeling guilty for the firings of Erick Rowan, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler, instead of focusing on his three-way title match versus an absent Brock Lesnar.


Seth Rollins is the only person being pushed right now, and for what? Why does Seth Rollins need to be in the world heavyweight match. How about letting him cash his money in the bank briefcase. The announcers might not bring it up and Seth might not bring it up in his scripted promos, but we see him carry the briefcase and he is introduced as Mr. Money in the Bank.

After John Cena finishes eventually losing to Brock Lesnar (in my honest opinion), does anyone have an idea what the TOP guy in the company is his next “dancing” partner. Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, you know the guys that should be in some relevant storylines and possibly being pushed to the main event level…do any of these guys have any creative direction to speak of…..hmmmm!

We’re going into the Royal Rumble without an inkling of where storylines are going. For the WWE Universe’s sake, I hope creative tries to make some feuds during the Rumble match that will give us some hope for Wrestlemania.this year. Otherwise, first things first. Let’s see how they untangle the re-hashed Survivor Series idea and start cooking up some fresh ideas for THIS year.-KOP