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#WWE Weekly TV Is In Trouble and They’re Asking Fans For Help?

#WWE Weekly TV Is In Trouble and They’re Asking Fans For Help? KOP surveys the negative sentiment of the weekly TV product throughout the IWC.

WWE Weekly TV

This at the time when WWE sends out a survey to gather feedback on their product. KOP looks at the big picture and repeats his argument on how the major independents need to take advantage of this weak offseason period for the good of WWE and for Wrestling in general.

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How to Get WWE Fans to Engage More on Raw and SmackDown Live

Had to rant a bit after seeing this article I referenced by Blake Oestriecher at Forbes.com titled 5 Ways WWE Can Win Back Its Fans.


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WWE Brand Split : Make SmackDown Live More NXT, Less RAW

I’m coming to grips with the WWE Brand Split. If they are really going ahead with it, they need to accomplish three essential goals.

WWE Brand Split

They can start with making SmackDown Live more like NXT, and less like Monday Night RAW.


Aesthetically changing the look of the set from the ramp to the ring should not just mean the simple change of changing the ring ropes to blue. You know WWE is going to take most of the upcoming talent that could use a boost from being given an exclusive spotlight on a custom brand like SmackDown. Vignettes, video packages should take more of a NXT feel. The arena should not have the look of a big arena that RAW broadcasts live from. It should look like it’s being held in a more intimate setting but not so small like you would see at Full Sail.

Brand the titles on SmackDown as SmackDown champions. Think how WWE treated ECW.


Instead of rehashing the old WCW World Heavyweight Title or the Divas Title, we should have a newly crowned SmackDown champion, Smackdown Women’s Champion and SmackDown Tag Team Champions . If you’re not going to allow titles to be defended on multiple shows then leave the WWE Championship,  the Womens Championship and the World Tag Team Titles on RAW with the main WWE branding.  Meanwhile, the midcard should get split up between both shows. IC belt to RAW and US Title to SmackDown maybe.

Most important! Make new stars that can replace or logically complete with the Top WWE Superstars.

blog 0714

This is the ultimate end goal! No matter how the WWE brand split plays out. WWE must accomplish the following for their immediate future. John Cena, The Rock, Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker make up the biggest names in the company. I don’t see Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose or anyone else on the main roster. Do you?

These four cannot continue to be the featured attractions at every WrestleMania. Besides the growth of the WWE Network, this has to be the ultimate top priority for WWE for the immediate future. If the brand split is the answer, I’ll eat my words!- KOP