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Hell in A Cell Collapses to Smackdown Spotlight and Upcoming Draft

Hell in A Cell Collapses with a RAW-tastic card. WWE sacrificed the PPV for the focus on Smackdown, the upcoming draft, and the Wednesday Night Wars.

KOP dissects the developments and the direction of WWE as a result of this week. He also discusses how wrestling’s resurgence to TV comes at a point solely by desperation and a viewer’s escape for a once-popular guilty pleasure.

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MITB 2019: Big Nights for Brock and Bayley. Still a Bad PPV

Bayley hugs the Money in the Bank Briefcase in victory, Then she cashes in to hug her new Smackdown Women’s title. KOP examines what wasn’t newsworthy.

Money in the Bank

Brock Lesnar makes a surprise return to salvage the men’s ladder match. He adds the only interesting angle coming out of the show.

Plus, Becky Lynch drops one title belt. Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston retain their respective titles.

To emphasize the type of night Money in the Bank was, KOP said this:

Besides Bayley’s big night. All the main event champions retained their belts in matches that felt like one-off feuds with no real build to any of them. This #MITB ppv has been mostly awful.

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#RoyalRumble : Brock Retains, Becky Lynch to Rumble with Rhonda

#RoyalRumble Review as Brock Lesnar Retains over Finn Balor, Becky Lynch Mans Up after losing to Asuka to win the Rumble.

Plus Daniel Bryan retains the WWE championship and Rhonda Rousey makes Sasha Banks look good in defeat.

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