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WWE Extreme Rules 2016: Reigns Retains, Rusev Reclaims, Rollins Returns.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 saw Roman Reigns retain his World Heavyweight Title, Rusev reclaim his United State Title and the triumphant return of Seth Rollins.  Plus, we praise the incredible Intercontinental Title match,  break down the flaws of the Asylum match and its counterpart, TNAs Lethal Lockdown match and analyze the inclusion of

Besides WWE Title Tournament, Seth Rollins Succumbs to Mid Size Main Eventer Stereotype

Aside from the ongoing WWE World Title Tournament for the newly vacated title, Seth Rollins Succumbs to Mid Size Main Eventer Stereotype with an inevitable injury due to the pressure WWE put on him.  Also, what does WWE decide to do with the belt, and why if anyone but Roman Reigns becomes