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Was Ryback Right?


Over the past couple weeks, wrestling news outlets have been running rampant about the recent firings & statements that have been occurring in WWE. Ryback, being among the few to speak out against WWE regarding his position in the company, made some statements that seem to be going over the heads of most. Ryback stated that he felt he was being underpaid for the work he had been putting in & that he feels all WWE superstars, regardless of wins & losses, should be paid fairly. Most interpreted this as all WWE superstars should be paid “equally”. I don’t think that is the case.



Take for example one of the most notable releases in Damien Sandow. Sandow had bee with the company for a combined 9 years. In that time he has seen his ups & downs. But I think everyone can agree that Sandow was a unique talent in that he took everything that was given to him & made it work. From the Intellectual Savior of the Masses to Damien Mizdow, he has shown to be a versatile talent. But it’s clear that WWE did not want to get behind him for some reason. This lead to him constantly having gimmick changes & being taken off TV altogether. Is that fair to him that he now has to be let go because the company decided that they didn’t want to invest in a guy like Damien Sandow? Should his stock have gone down despite being one of the most over talents on the roster last year? His de-push is a example of how WWE can make or break someone regardless of whether or not they are doing their job effectively.


So taking the example of Damien Sandow & applying it to Ryback’s situation, Ryback is in a similar boat. He was doing as he was told. Was over with the crowd at one point. But WWE decided not to invest in him. Because of that, he took loss, after loss, after loss, after loss until he became irrelevant. All the while still putting in the same effort he had been putting in since he debuted. So why is it fair that WWE decides he gets paid less now because they forced him to eat losses for months? It’s not. Please keep in mind that I’m not a super huge fan of Ryback, he’s alright. I’m just focusing on the topic of pay in WWE in regards to how talent really have no control over it no matter what they do. It’s not a matter of everyone getting paid the same, that doesn’t make sense. It’s all about guys getting paid fairly for the effort they put into their craft & not because WWE decided to not feature them anymore. So I do side with Ryback & I think everyone should really start thinking about this more because you end up having guys like Damien Sandow dropping so low in the card that he gets released when they did nothing to deserve it.

– Jeremy G.

Ryback Talks Raw and Uncensored; Steph vs. Shane

Ryback Talks Raw and Uncensored as reports come in that Ryback sounded off on WWE, as he calls for company to pay wrestlers equally via his Tumblr page.


Plus, its Steph vs. Shane in a sibling rivalry for the rule over Raw.  Rusev gets a US Title shot and a redeeming title push to hopefully restore this gimmick. Colin Cassady is being groomed as the next Kevin Nash no doubt.

Also, KOP presents more WWE talk for listeners and institutes a 5 minute recap for all other wrestling shows which includes a preview and predictions for ROH Global Wars this Sunday and the booking and setup for TNA Slammiversary coming up on June.

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WWE Elimination Chamber Post; Kevin Owens Is Made

Elimination Chamber

Kevin Owens Is Made; Another Screwy Rollins/Ambrose PPV Finish as we give our WWE Elimination Chamber Post. We also give our take on the Ring of Honor TV Deal with Destination America.

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