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Hulk Hogan, Racism and Political Correctness; Slammiversary XVI Preview

Hulk Hogan, Racism and Political Correctness as KOP tells the story and voices feelings on racism and social justice. Plus, our Slammiversary XVI Preview.

Hulk Hogan racism

Plus, the fight triangle of Seth Rollins, Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar, and the return of Drew McIntyre back to WWE.

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Superstar Shakeup, #FireJBL, Social Justice and Political Correctness

Superstar Shakeup doesn’t do any favors for the likes of Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt, but gives us something be excited about to start the WrestleMania off-season.

Superstar Shakeup

Plus, we discuss #FireJBL, Mauro Ranallo, and the ongoing ordeal over Social Justice and Political Correctness. KOP finally succumbs to give his long-awaited two cents on the subject.

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