WWE SuperFans vs AEW Disciples and The Real Wednesday Night War

WWE SuperFans vs AEW Disciples are battling it out in the town square of social media. KOP examines the lines drawn by the Real Wednesday Night War.

WWE Superfans

KOP here, these are some notes I scribbled down after watching some serious Twitter tirades by fellow wrestling fans.

Everyone that watches wrestling goes on Twitter has this growing attitude. It’s about how my WWE is better than your AEW.

Everyone wants to fight, bully, moan, bitch, and complain about the other’s product like they’re provoking a school-yard fight.

It’s clear that some of the WWE or else fans are very upset and bitter. Establishment wrestling is being outsmarted by a new promotion closer to their own size.

The fans that celebrated victory from the Monday Night Wars are triggered. Triggered by the fact that nearly 20 years later another promotion out of nowhere takes the spotlight off of their beloved product. But, they’re upset because they know they have been falling them for over a decade.

Let’s sit on the fence and identify what’s wrong with both sides of the argument. Plus, Jordan Myles quits and CM Punk returns.

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AEW Full Gear Accelerates MJF to Main Event Heel

AEW Full Gear Accelerates MJF to a top main event heel. By deceptively throwing in the towel MJF has instantly been elevated. KOP runs through the PPV.

AEW Full Gear

AEW Full Gear delivers a very good showing without any title changes. Well booked with well woven storylines. KOP comments on the exciting card.

Plus, KOP points out the friction and bias that is resonating within the IWC. Regardless of the WWE vs. AEW dynamic, KOP doesn’t believe is the best wresting is necessarily coming from the those two top profile promotions.

KOP also comments on the damage being done to WWE and NXT due to the invasion angle.

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