Impact Wrestlers EC3, Lashley, Spud (plus Borash) Will Improve WWE

EC3, Lashley, Spud, and announcer Jeremy Borash set To  Improve and Influence WWE Now and After WrestleMania. KOP breaks it down.

Plus, more on Enzo Amore, Braun Strowman, Elimination Chamber and a rant about Ronda Rousey’s entrance into WWE.


Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling Invade TNA…For Future Talent


Jeff Jarrett’s appearance and the idea of a Global Force Wrestling Invasion of Impact Wrestling are supposedly meant to help a wrestling company on life support, but we should all really see what is happening with this move.

I think TNA President Dixie Carter is trying to do right by her contracted talent by allowing Jeff Jarrett to be on hand to make a smooth talent transition for wrestlers to make their way into a new wrestling organization by a familiar face to many.

Wednesday’s hot-shot booked live Impact Wrestling broadcast looked desperate with appearances by the likes of Jarrett, a blown-up and out-of-shape embarrassment in Vader and Matt Morgan.

Jeff Jarrett

Can’t really blame Double JJ for taking the opportunity and swallowing his pride by taking an invite to scout which TNA talent he can secure for GFW tapings after TNA loses their Destination America timeslot.

I look at it as Jeff is looking out for the guys that help him build TNA from the ground up and making sure they are looked after. Eric Young, James Storm, Magnus and maybe even wrestlers like Ethan Carter III, Lashley, MVP, The Hardys, The Wolves, the X-Division and the Knockouts. If he can’t afford bringing in talent from Japan and Mexico to fill his empty house shows, why not go after the talent to do the same thing he did back in 2002. Start up another wrestling company and hopefully get it right this time. -KOP