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Daniel Bryan is Broken Again: IWC? WWE? Who Is To Blame?


The answer to my question would be that there is a lot of blame to pass around, and although WWE would be partially to blame they look like the least culpable of everyone. Who is really to blame? The IWC and Daniel Bryan himself.

WWE should have first of all NOT allow Daniel Bryan to return in January. The IWC spoiled WWEs Wrestlemania plans. Not only was the heat by the IWC at the Royal Rumble avoidable, but the forced FastLane main event and the conflicting push of Roman Regins was also avoidable. But WWE can justify this blame now.

The real reason WWE has a preference for bigger guys I believe primarily is the idea that wrestlers should look like wrestlers (bigger than life) and secondly that these bigger bodied wrestlers are much more resistant and durable to the bump and bruises of the road.


The IWC wants to see people they can relate to. Wrestlers that they can put their hopes behind. They want to see the wrestlers that have delivered great matches in the likes of the indie promotions on the main stage that they truly care about…the WWE.

Only problem with that is, look at the amount of years some of these indie darlings go through before they go through the finishing school of NXT and then finally get to the WWE main roster. I think wrestling fans don’t really notice how much of a work rate and a shelf life some of these heralded WWE Superstars have to sustain a 300-day road schedule.


Daniel Bryan spent 9 years in the indy circuit and then went through three years of WWE and NXT Season 1 before he saw main event gold. A lot to ask for a 5’10, 210 pound wrestler who has been subjected to a lot of matches as of late with more bigger and bulkier wrestlers that can take a brutal toll. Add the high-flying moves that Daniel Bryan continued to perform while choosing not to slow down and changing up his game, he felt compelled to continue entertaining the fans with the moves they expect from him with what I believe was without any regard for his health.

Bottom line is we ask for a lot out of these wrestlers that do not have that ideal build that WWE loves. For every John Cena injury, you can compare it to the amount of injured smaller wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio, Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal), and now you can add Hideo Itami and Sami Zayn to that list.

Let’s just, that why I think I can understand the WWEs position, but I sympathize the IWC that might prefer not to think the worst that could happen to their favorite wrestlers. -KOP

Why WWE Casual Fans Cripple Chances of IWC Fan Favorites

WWE Casual Fans

When the WWE Off season is upon us, the casual WWE fan gets very complacent. Apathy, negativity and an unwillingness to get behind anything new the WWE brings in front of us each and every off season.

While I am prone to describe the smart fans of the IWC in the same vein,  there are a majority of them that at least have fan favorites that they get behind in WWE, or are smart enough to know that WWE is not the only wrestling company worth watching.

WWE Casual Fans

But now I must channel my hostility to the WWE’s casual fans. Yes, you do buy the bulk of the tickets for all of their house shows and some of the merchandise, so for that positive I thank you. But do you understand…. all you are doing is maintaining the WWE’s status quo. Allow me to write my laundry list of what’s wrong with the casual WWE fan.

  • Because the same way you got caught up in peer pressure like you’re still in high school, You watch for only WWE Superstars that everybody thought was cool in the Attitude Era. That’s why WWE thinks we still want to see so much of Big Show and Kane.
  • You so scared to share your guilty pleasure for fear of being ridiculed. So it’s only cool to talk about wrestling when Brock Lesnar is in the company so you can talk to your MMA friends, and maybe because ESPN chose to talk about Wrestlemania because the Rock and Ronda Rousey made an appearance? Listen, this is the era of social media folks. Like what you like and don’t give a crap about what people think about your love of wrestling.
  • WWE is year-round. Are you like a Netflix fan that you can only watch during a certain time of the year. You really can’t see the price point of buying the WWE Network? (NXT, PPVs, Archives). No wonder you NEVER know anything about the product today so no wonder why you can’t like anything the WWE does that is actually new and cool.
  • Finally, when you do go to those live shows (house show, RAW or Smackdown) you have some thumb up your ass about not keeping up with the product to the point that you don’t watch what WWE Superstars that the smart fans are getting behind and you choose to “What!” their promo or stay quiet during their matches while cheering only for the occasional high spot.

WWE Casual Fans

Smart fans, it’s time to start a fire under the asses of every casual WWE fan around the world to start getting back into the WWE product. We don’t need a Stone Cold, Brock, Rock, Hogan or another Attitude Era to create a buzz around what is actually pretty cool going on with WWE during the Off season. Social media and online chatter will not cut.

More interest in wrestling comes from what you do to interact with the casual fans who visit the live shows, from proudly wearing your wrestling schwag, to spreading the word offline with new and existing friends and strangers. That way, we can have more WWE ( and to a greater extent more wrestling) fans that can be even more vocal about what we want from WWE.

Maybe then,  we will get more nights like we did on Monday night where WWE will give the smart wrestling fans a bone with the showcasing of Sami Zayn, Kidd and Cesaro, Neville, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and everyone else we want to get over.  You got Daniel Bryan to be in the Wrestlemania main event right? What else can you make WWE do?- KOP


WWE Doesnt Need to Win Over The IWC. Because The IWC Will Always Remain in Denial.


I can no longer try to defend or justify the outrage that faithful fans of their beloved and belittled WWE Superstars, with Daniel Bryan at the top of their list. WWE is not Burger King where you can “have it Your way” (If you have never heard of that cliche, Google IT!)

The Wrestlemania 31 main event with Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns) was spotlighted on RAW Monday night starting with a great respect promo and resounding endorsement from a humbled Bryan directed at Roman Reigns, followed by a fantastic “My Money is on Roman Reigns” promo by Paul Heyman.

The always vocal IWC continues to remain flat out in denial of the decisions that WWE chooses to make, incapable of realizing that in order for WWE to have a future of making and coronating new main event superstars they have to make some unpopular decisions. WWE has their own agenda, they like their type of superstars, yet it amazes me how vocal people online can be during hoping to be heard during that 1 percent of the time where WWE actually values and takes into consideration the feedback from their fans.

Anyone that tries to reason with a vocal IWC (the Internet Wrestling Community if you had to ask) supporter or any podcast host that supports and backs their collective views and opinions will ultimately fail to sway any opinion. But on the podcast I produce, I will defend and respect the right of the IWC to have their opinion, while calling out when I think the online court of public opinion is ultimately wrong with a well-thought out and supportive argument.

When it comes to making a better Wrestlemania card or a future for WWE. Whether you like it or you don’t like it., MY Money is on WWE. -KOP